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Just a way of showing an extra big thank you.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

New career: Legendary Rockstar (requested)

As I do take requests, Whenella04 requested the career Legendary Rockstar.
This is a career for adults. It's EP compatible and has its own GUID (no overwrite).
No EP required
Click the button to see more information.
If you also have a request please go here: http://bit.ly/p9ymWC



S2I: http://sdrv.ms/14AQEtp (PTO7 by default)
PTO3&5: http://bit.ly/1hYag56

What is PTO?: http://bit.ly/1nsQ0tZ



Anonymous said...

the information listed is for the author career instead of legendary rockstar and there's not info at tsr. I'm considering downloading it but I'd like to see what the levels are first.

Lientebollemeis said...

My appologies for my mistake. The information is now for Legendary Rockstar.

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