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Saturday, July 07, 2012

IMPORTANT: Accepting requests FULL TIME again

If you have a request, click on the link below and follow the instructions.

I accept requests full time again, but there are a few things I need to mention (this is mostly about careers and majors).

1. There's a spreadsheet I made at Google Docs I want you to fill out to give the information so I can work more efficient than when sending the info by PM or e-mail. Thank you for respecting that.
  • You don't need to have a Google account or anything.
  • I send you a personal link. Only people with that link can view/edit the spreadsheet.
  • So don't worry, the spreadsheet can only be edited by you and me.

2. The instructions need to be followed  strictly.
  • These instructions are found on the spreadsheet.
  • If anything is not clear to you, let me know and I will help you.
  • Then I can also make the instructions clearer so everyone can understand them.
  • I'm glad I have the time to create, I really don't have the time to fill out the spreadsheet for you.
  • Also if I would do that, I'll never know if the instructions are clear enough for everybody.

2.1. Spelling and grammar
- Be sure to use a good (online/offline) spelling- and grammarchecker.
- This counts for ALL languages.

3. My expectations of the quality of the request
- Don't use anything for requesting that was made by someone else without permission. If I see you did that I'm not accepting requests from you anymore in future!
- I don't create for thieves
(It happened in the past, btw. Yes, there are such people.)

4. Some appreciation, respect and understanding
- I need time to create the request.
- I decide when to upload it and where. ('cause sometimes I create more than one request on a day. I don't upload them at the same time.)
- I'll always let you know when the request will be/has been uploaded.

5. There are a few kind of creations I just can't do by request.
- Bodyshop creations (although I might consider)
- Sims
- Sims 3 creations
- Sims 4 creations

6. I only create for Sims 2. I can't create for Sims 3 or Sims 4. No use asking.

7. I create following things:

  • Careers
  • Majors
  • Food
  • Recolors
  • Clothing
  • ...


  1. Hi, I have a request.
    Please can you make some Careers for Sims 3 maybe something like Maid Career, Airport Career, Supermarket Career, Toy making Career. Thank You

  2. It wasn't clear in this blogpost (I updated it now).
    I don't create for Sims 3. I'll never will.
    The Sims 3 careers here on my blog are made by MissyHissy.
    She has more careers on her blog: http://missyhissysims3careers.blogspot.co.uk/

    Maybe you can ask her. She accept requests.

  3. Hello
    I love you tattoo career for sims 2!
    Would you make a career reward for it?
    It would be cool if the item thing was a tattoo machine that you can actually use on yourself or other sims.......and there could also be some bad side-effects.

  4. If you can give me a link to the object you want as a reward, I might be able to add the reward to the career.

  5. Thanks! :)

    The link is:

  6. Mod the Sims
    and the post: New career:Tattoo artist

  7. I'm sorry I meant a link to the object you want as a reward. Not the link to the career.

  8. It has a picture off a tattoo machine.
    (Mod the sims)
    Still the same post.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. That's just a regular picture I chose from the internet to make an icon of. It's just the icon. It has nothing else to do with Sims 2.
    It's not an object in sims 2.
    You need to give me a link to an object that works in sims 2 so I can add it as a reward to the career.
    I can't make an object like that from scratch.

  11. Ok

    Well architect table :)

    Or the cleaning gun wich is career reward from the Original game.

    I hope that you unerstand my writings :)

  12. The architect table is a reward from Free Time. I'll use the cleaning gun you say. But that's actually called fingerprinting scanner.
    But I'll use that one.
    Keep an eye on the blog to know when I updated the career.

  13. Ok

    Thank you! =)

    I didn't remember that english name.

  14. Hi, i have a request.
    Please can you make some Career for Veterinary.

  15. Veterinary Sims 2: http://bit.ly/mZSxo5
    Veterinary sims 3 (conversion of Sims 2): http://bit.ly/QP7pN1

    If you have a request please go here: http://bit.ly/p9ymWC


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