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Just a way of showing an extra big thank you.

Monday, August 27, 2012

New Tutorial: How to install custom content

The Downloadfolder
The first step is to determine whether the download folder exists. It should be in a folder called My Documents. Depending on which version of Windows you are running, it is either on your desktop or on your Start Menu.
In your My Documents folder should be a folder called "EA Games". If you click on it, there should be a folder inside called "Sims 2". Clicking on that brings up several more folders, but the one you are looking for is called "Downloads". This is where all of your custom content should go.
If you do not see the Downloads folder, it is easy to create: Simply click "File" and then "New". A submenu will come up. Click on "Folder". This will generate a new folder. Rename that folder "Downloads". Now you are ready to install your custom content.

File you'll need to use:Files ending in ".zip" need to be opened with an unzipper. Some versions of Windows already have one installed, but the older versions don't (older than XP). To open these folders, you will need a program called "Winzip". You can use google and find it on the internet.
Files ending in ".rar" need to be opened with a program like "WinAce" or "WinRAR". Again. google will help you find this program.
Files ending in ".package" should go to your downloads folder directly. These files are found in zips and rars. Sometimes these files are prepackaged in another type of file that ends in ".Sims2Pack". These files will have a different picture and if you click them, they will start a program to install your custom content for you. All you have to do is open the file, click the "Install" button, and then the "Done" button and you're all set. It puts it into the correct folder for you. 

Sims2Pack files
Unzip the files from the downloaded zipfile into the downloadfolder.
You'll see a Sims2pack file with the extension (e.g. .jpg, .docx,...) ".SIMS2PACK
Double click on that file.
Then just wait a while.
Then you'll see this window:

Click Install
You'll see the message: Custom Content was successfully installed!

Start your game and you should see the house you've installed in the bin.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Conversion: Teen Babysitter

Before you download this career, you need to download the Careers mod from Twallan here: The Careers - Phase Ten for this career to show up in-game!

Lientebollemeis asked me to convert some of her Sims 2 careers and I was very happy to do that! So this is one of her careers, Babysitter!

It was requested for Sims 2 by Superstar001.

You find here a conversion for the Sims 3. So any additional texts, info etc are by me, but the original idea is from Lientebollemeis and Superstar001.

Here is the full information for the career for Sims 3. The career is located at the Hospital. It has one custom tone, Chat to Children, which builds the Charisma skill.


Technical Stuff:

This career was made with patch 1.36 and should work with all lower patches. It requires only the base game to run and should work with any combination of expansion and stuff packs. It works in my game but if you have problems, let me know :


Since I'm not fluent in any language other than English, the career is only written in the one language. So if you're interested in translating, download the Language Strings file and open it in Notepad.

<STR>Translate This Text</STR>

Do that for the entire file :)

Language: http://sdrv.ms/MRb1iT

Credit to:
Lientebollemeis, Superstar001 and the creators of s3pe

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