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Just a way of showing an extra big thank you.

Friday, July 26, 2013

New random items: Valentine Cards

This is a new random item.
I have so many uploaded creations that it's easy to miss one. So once in a while I'll make a blogpost with a random item.

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Download and more information here:

MTS: http://bit.ly/eSSiWo

These are twelve Valentinecards for your sims to send to anyone they know in the neighbourhood. The receiver will get a small boost to the relationship with the sender when the recipient looks at the card.

You will need the postalsystem of MogHughson which you can find here. That thread also contains all information about how to use these cards. You can even make your cards yourself with different categories.

I used google to find some images and texts for these cards. I wrote some texts myself as well.

Other cards I made: 
Birthday: http://bit.ly/hv4p9j 
Engagement: http://bit.ly/eunxGe
New Birth: http://bit.ly/ex5OG0

Please, thank this post and/or leave a comment. I appreciate every feedback given. Thank you for downloading my creations.

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