Just a way of showing an extra big thank you

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Just a way of showing an extra big thank you.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

New pregnancyspan: 252 days (requested)

As I do take requests, GAIKA requested the following pregnancyspan:

First Trimester = 2016 hours (84 days)
Second Trimester = 2016 hours (84 days)
Third Trimester = 2016 hours (84 days)

This goes perfect with my Project Realistic Ages: 1 Sim day = 1 Real day

If you also have a request, please go here: http://bit.ly/p9ymWC

Pregnancyspan: http://sdrv.ms/16Dfhe2

Only keep one mod of every spankind (lifespan, pregnancyspan, skillspan,...) in your downloadfolder!, Please, do not re-upload or use for anything but in game play.

SimPE, Insiminator, the requester (see above), http://bit.ly/fSnciT

I accept requests full time!
If you have a request please go here: bit.ly/p9ymWC

Please, don't upload these creations anywhere. If you want to share them, share by the button Twitter, Facebook,...
Or share this link anywhere: http://bit.ly/fSnciT

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