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Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Situation: It's All Relative

Short situation:
A woman named Jenny is married to a man named Frank. She gets pregnant and about the same time, Frank cheats on his wife with her sister Rosa. Rosa gets pregnanct to. At that moment Rosa has a relationship with Franks brother Luc.
Frank and Jenny get a daughter named Bianca. Rosa gets a daughter Peggy. Luc thinks he's the father of Peggy.
Frank and Jenny divorce. Frank remarries Simonne and they get a son named Franky.
Franky turns out to be gay later in life.

What do you need to start:
Two brothers named Frank and Luc
Two sisters named Jenny and Rosa
A woman named Simonne

Based on:  The Flemish soap "Thuis"

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New puppy: How to teach?

My puppy Phoebe is now 9 months old. I go to dogschool sometimes to learn how to teach my dog, but she teaches me a lot too.
These are the most important things I've learned so far:

- Check in:
When the dog looks you in the eye, reward her. Do this a lot and the dog will love you much more and will watch you much more. She needs to look at you before you give an command in order for her to do what you asked.

- Encouraging:
They say "As owner, as dog". If you believe in your dog, she will believe in herself.
"Lazy owner, lazy dog" -> The dog won't be active if you don't feel like being active yourself!

- Touching:
As owner it's very important your dog allows you to touch her anywhere. Her paws, legs, ears, mouth,.. It also makes the vets visits easier if she used to this since she has been a puppy.

- Teaching commands:
The most importing thing when a dog is learning something: rewards.

- When rewarding:
Right after the dog did something good (fraction of a second).

- Personal experience:
Say a word (e.g. "good dog") right before you give a reward. That way the dog will associate this word with the reward (candy or something) and it's not such a bad thing to be later than a fraction of a second when rewarding if you immediatly say "good dog".

Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Insiminator option explained: Health Adjustor

Where do I download the insiminator?
- You can download it here: Downloads
- The Insiminator is compatible with ALL expansions.
Where do I find it in game?
Elektronics ---> All

Health adjustor

For this adjustor there are following options:

  • Illness
    • Give the active sim an illness.
  • Get Well
    • Heal the active sim.
  • Illness Immunity
    • The active sim will be immune for any illness.
  • Group Get Well
    • The whole group will be healed.
  • Group Illness Immunity
    • the whole group will be immune for any illness.
  • Temperature
    • Decide the temperature of the active sim or group.
  • My Fitness
    • Decide the condition of the active sim.
  • Group Fitness
    • Decide the condition of the group.
  • Poison Ivy
    • The active sim will get poison ivy or be healed from it.

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