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Thursday, February 21, 2013

New insiminator option explained: Property adjustor

Where do I download the insiminator?
- You can download it here: Downloads
- The Insiminator is compatible with ALL expansions.
Where do I find it in game?
Elektronics ---> All

Property adjustor

For this adjustor there are following options:

  • Electronics
    • Add an MP3, mobile or computergame to the sims' inventory.
  • Spawn
    • Add a robot to the family.
  • Utilities
    • No idea what this does
  • Sanitation
    • Make your furniture dirty or clean.
  • Outdoor Temperature
    • View the temperature and change it.

  • Secret Maps
    • Add a secret map to your sim's inventory.
  • Voodoo Doll
    • Add a Voodoo Doll to your sim's inventory.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

New career: Adult Education NCIS. Diploma as careerreward no University needed (+German)

Ever wanted to give your sims who didn't go to college a chance to go to college and receive a diploma? This is their chance!
I made this career based on my Major NCIS. As a career reward your sims receive a diploma (1 tiled).

If you just want the career and not the reward, just don't download the reward. The career will still work in your game.

A little explanation:
It’s a normal career track like you have so many others. The difference is that by the descriptions and level names I try to make it look like a major for the EP University except the Sims aren’t young adults, but adults. It exists in real life as well. When people are young they don’t have a diploma but when they are older (like in their forties or something) they want to have a diploma and go to adult education.
But as there are 8 semesters for a major and 10 levels for a career I added two levels where you actually do some practice and earn some money, but it’s still Adult Education. In Belgium it exists that you go to college and in the last years of your major you earn some money during practice.
I based this on my already existing NCIS major. The first 8 levels have the same name and required skills, but they now also have a description. The last 2 levels are new. You earn a diploma as a career reward. The follow up career like for the major, is NCIS McGee which was my first career ever made.
The really good part of this is that players who don’t own the EP University can now let their sim earn a diploma as that is the career reward.

The diploma
The diploma is a one-tiled painting. I made it by cloning The Lone Daisy and using one of these recolors by maree464: http://www.modthesims.info/d/96565
In other careers of this series, I might use the other recolors of maree464 or make some of my own. But as hers are really nice, I used that one for now.
In game the careerreward looks still like The Lone Daisy, but when you hang it on the wall it looks like a diploma.

This is a career for adults. It's EP compatible and has its own GUID (overwrite of earlier version possible).
No EP required
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S2I: http://sdrv.ms/UrSL39

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- German

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