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Just a way of showing an extra big thank you.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New announcement: Overview all creations finished

I'm very happy to announce still in 2013 I finished the overview of all my creations so far and where to download them.
So in the fresh New Year 2014 I can start with updating all those creations with new and better taken screenshots, better icons for the careers and adding PTO.

I will also upload my creations to all the sites I upload too. Some of them are only available on S2I or on MTS or so and I want to make them available on all the uploadsites I use in the overview (just not TSR anymore).

It's an overview of what to download where. You can't download them all at once. That has no use as you need a mesh for some of them and you can't have more than one lifespan, pregnancyspan,... in your downloadfolder.
I might add a link to download the same kind of creations at once. E.g.: you can download all the bedding or all the careers at once. But I'm still working out how to make that work.

The overview can be found herehttp://bit.ly/1jEmkLT

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