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Saturday, February 01, 2014

New teen career: 10 After School Activities - 6 Music - 4 Sports

It always bothered me that teens can't have a hobby like being in a sport club or music academy.
With these careers they can.
It are 6 music careers and 4 sports career. The careers within each category only difference within the name.
So actually all music careers are the same (except for the name of the instrument) and all the sports careers are the same (except for the name of the sports)
I have made the descriptions this general because I don't have any experience with any of these sports or instruments. I don't want to write mistakes about these sports and instruments so the general approach was the best. If you really want other descriptions for a more detail approach, feel free to request and provide the information to me: http://bit.ly/lWvzo6
It's EP compatible and has its own GUID (no overwrite).
No EP needed



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S2I: http://sdrv.ms/1eH2Pu2

To find the career in game: http://bit.ly/MxB7bk

Wooden UI by Calidan (MTS) http://bit.ly/1aKIKpW
Job Seeking Board by Moghughson (MTS) http://bit.ly/tLUmNg
Adobe Photoshop CS4

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