Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Advantages of the Firstborn Syndrom

First of all, what is the Firstborn syndrom?
Every time you start a game and a baby is born, it's the first baby born in the loaded game. You close the game, open again and another baby is born then again it's the first baby born in that game session. Those babies look a like not just in their looks, but also personality and intrests,...
(So it does not happen if in one game session two babies are born. 'Cause that would be the second baby born in that game session.)

How to avoid it (simply explained and how I do it)
Every time a pregnant sim (male or female) is about to give birth (so it will be a first baby born in that game session), I go to CAS, create a sim and roll the sim randomizer several times. Then I actually create the sim, create a sim of the opposite gender and then roll the pacifier (to create a child looking like the parents) several times. (I know rolling one of them (randomizer or pacifier) is enough, but it certainly doesn't hurt to do both and that's just my routine.)

Now the advantage of firstborn syndrom
You probably wonder how this Maxis' bug can be used to the player's advantage. One of the things I like in the game are twins, but when two babies are born at the same time they will never be identical twins (one is always second born). So what I would do when I want identical twins is using this firstborn syndrom to my advantage (you need insiminator to do this).
  • My sim gets pregnant and gives birth (make sure it's the first baby born in that game session).
  • Now save the game and close it completly.
  • Start the game again and go to the house you were playing (where you want the identical twin).
  • With insiminator you can make the sim pregnant again and speed up the pregnancy to birth right away. Then the baby is the first baby born in that game session and should (according to the firstborn syndrom) be nearly exactly the same as the baby who was already the first one born in the previous game session.
Of course you need to make sure that the babies have the same sex. (Save before birth, go back in the house and if it's not the right gender, leave without saving and go back in the house,...).

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