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Career request

To make a career I need information.

I started to create a spreadsheet in Google Docs so the excelfile can actually be used online.
  • You don't need MS Office anymore.
  • You don't need to download anything.
  • You don't need to send an e-mail with the excelfile.
  • You just need to tell me the career title (in an e-mail)
      • And I will give you the link to your personal Google spreadsheet request
      • The link is for personal use only so I need to send you an e-mail

New FAQ: More helping for doing a career request

Adult career: Max 10 levels
Teen/Elder career: Max 3 levels
Pets career: Max 4 levels

Information on spreadsheet
Follow the instructions on the form.
(Most of) the fields that need to be filled out are marked in red.

They will turn green when filled out correctly.

I could really use some feedback about this new way to do a career request. Please, feel free to comment to help me to improve this.


  1. you should do werewolf hunter career for adult :)

  2. Doomsdayer career for adults

    BTW:My account on Modthesims is Wingedone100

    1. Please, fill out the form to provide me all information I need to make a career. Thank you.

    2. Ok, sorry for the long wait

  3. Okay...I screwed up last time.

    I am going to try to make another career, Extreme career (Not the same from the first game)

    From, Winged

  4. Can you make a Broadway career for adult sims?

  5. The form is now open for requests again. Please, fill out to give me the information I need to create the career for you.

  6. thank you very very much for accepting my request
    i really appriciate it

    thanks again

  7. Mortician Adult Career please

  8. That's a great idea. I would love to create that career, but in order for me to do that, you need to fill out the form.

    Thank you!

  9. Do you only do sims 2 careers because I was thinking of requesting a sims 3 one. I already have the carpools written down for sims 3.

  10. Here you can find more information about me creating Sims 3 careers:

  11. Here Is The Information You Asked Me For
    For Paige she is played by Rose McGowan

    Here is A Description of her career in the series
    Social Worker Assistant
    Social Worker
    Whitelighter In Training
    Full Time Witch
    Dog Walker
    Nursing Home Worker
    Fruit Packer
    Headmisstress Of Magic School
    Living Aid
    Office Assistant
    Full Time Whitelighter

  12. Could you please fill out the excelfile and send it to me to provide all information I need.

  13. Her First Job She Mostly Ran Errands For Her Boss And Organized Files Being An Assistant And All
    Her Second Job She Was A Social Worker She Dealt With Adoptions
    Her Third Job Is Where She Trains Under Leo To Be A Whitelighter
    Her Forth Job Was Where She Worked On Her Craft By Making Potions And Spells
    Her Next Job Was A Dog Walker Not Really Much I Can Think To Put There
    Her Next One Is A Nursing Home Worker Where She Helps The Elderly People
    Next Is A Fruit Packer she packed fruit
    I Messed Up Before As Well
    Next Is Living Aid She Helped A Sick Grandmother
    Next Is A Office Assistant She Organized files and ran errands
    Next Is Head Mistress Of Magic School She Handled The Paperwork And Ran Magic School
    Next Is Full Time Whitelighter She Becomes A Full Time Whitelighter

  14. Hi Meghan Audette,

    You just gave me the titles and some info about what should be written in the descriptions.
    That's not what I asked for.

    To make a career I need information about wages, hours, skills,... and much more.
    The descriptions should be literally what will be read when the career is played.
    Level 1
    Title Music Theory
    Description Like with all things, when you start playing an instrument you have to learn the basics. You follow lessons music theory after school. When you have enough creativity and insight in music you can start learning to play the instrument of your choice.

    Level 2
    Title Introduction to the instrument
    Description The flute is for you the most interesting instrument. You start to learn about the history of the flute and the different ways to play it. With some hard work you can become the best of your class. Work hard on your creativity and charisma and the teacher might choose you to play the next solo on the next concert.

    Level 3
    Title Best of the class
    Description There's a lot of competition in your class. Everyone wants to be the best. The teacher will choose the pupil who can play the solo for the next concert. And your hard work payed off. You are the next solist for the next concert. It's time to inform your family and friends which evening they are expected to hear you play your first solo. Congratulations!

    You need to fill out the excelfile; Then I have all information I need.
    If you send me the information in any other way. I simply can't make your request.

    Download the excelfile to give me all the information I need and send it to my e-mailaddress:

    Looking forward to see the excelfile.


  16. The career The Sims 3 Ambitions Architect remade for The Sims 2 is already available at this blog Sims2Idea:
    It's still on my list, though, to be updated to PTO3 and PTO5.

  17. Yeah! Thank you so much!Do you plan on making more Ts3 Careers for Sims2, maybe the Showtime Careers? Is there any career with an Barkeeper?

  18. I will remake all Maxis careers of TS1, TS3 & TS4 for TS2.
    I don't know by heart which ones I already made/updated.
    You can find all my creations here:

  19. Can u please make a Flight Attendant Career for The Sims 4 Please

  20. I am sorry, but I don't know how to create careers for TS4. I only create careers for TS2.


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