Saturday, January 19, 2019

New TS2 EP Get To Work: Criminal

I have tried TS4 when Get To Work came out because I really like the concept and the idea. And I like that part of TS4, but TS2 is still the game I want to play. So I decided to find some mods that I can use so the concept and idea can be implemented in The Sims 2.


What you need:
  1. A sim who is the criminal (being an evil witch can help)
  2. What you need, depends on what crime you want your sim to commit:
    1. Murder:
    2. Stealing: Make the thief selectable with a mod (like the insiminatorand put some objects in the inventory. On another lot.
      This might help as well:
      (It says for EP Pets, but it still works with later EP's)
    3. (Buyable) Fire:
I hope this will inspire you for more ideas for your sims to GET TO WORK

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Friday, January 18, 2019

New Videotutorial: Insiminator Aspiration Adjustor

The InSimenator is a cheat object that is largely built around the testingcheatsenabled cheat, such as the ability to make Sims selectable and unselectable, making them pregnant with anyone in the neighborhood, seeing their gender preference, summoning them, killing them, setting relationships, etc. The cheat appears as an object, and is basically a way to access many of the functions of testingcheatsenabled without having to use cheat codes.

The InSimenator can be used to resurrect a dead Sim without having University, FreeTime, or Apartment Life installed. It can be used to age a child townie into a teen without having FreeTime installed. It can also be used to set relationships, summon Sims to a lot, promote and delete, make a Sim richer or poorer, etc.  The InSimenator has many separate objects known as "sectionals", most of which have options that are not available on the full InSimenator machine. The InSimenator machine and "sectionals" appear in the Electronics -> All menu in Buy Mode; they are not in any sub-category. The "sectionals" are free, though the full InSimenator machine costs §1.

In this video I explain every option on the Aspiration Adjustor.
You can find it in Buy Mode -> Electronics -> All and it looks like this:

Here's the link to the videotutorial:

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