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Thursday, May 13, 2021

New Storyline: The Oldie's Year 1

It's not that I have much time to play because of my job, household (short: RL), but posting about the life of my simsfamilies on my blog is a motivation to create time for it.

I'm still playing the Genderswapped Uberhood by sushigal007 at Modthesims. The storylines of the families is still the same as the regular storylines so I'm not going to put that on my blog, but I'll tell their future storylines I have in mind. It appears I play a slightly different storyline because of the genderswap.

I also have put up a realistic economical and aging system which requires some Essential Mods which can be found here:

The essentials still need to be updated once in a while. As I go on playing I notice more and more essentials and there are still many TS2 creators who create new (essential to me) mods.

Previously on The Oldies'shttps://s2idownloads.blogspot.com/2018/05/new-overview-creations-storylines.html

The Oldie's Year 1

Here you can watch the video: The Oldie's Year 01
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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

New Idea: TOC - Miss England - S3E05

This idea is based on my idea to analyse every Friends episode.
In general the idea is to give you one episode per blogpost. In every blogpost I'll shortly describe what happens with the main characters of The Odd Couple in that certain episode. SPOILER
You can then play this in the game as you wish.
I don't know The Odd Couple as much by heart as Friends so I haven't written a main blogpost about it (yet).

Miss England - S3E05
Teddy promotes Dani to a producer on Oscar's radio show and she is forced to hire Oscar's new assistant, but this later proves to be harder than Dani thought. Meanwhile, Felix tries to cheer up Emily when she reveals that she's missing England, but Emily later says she specifically liked the independence she had in England and wants to break up with Felix. Lesley Nicol (Mrs. Patmore of Downton Abbey fame) guest stars.
He wants Dani as an assistent not someone else. There are a lot of applicants. One is a huge fan of Oscar. He writes a blog about him...
Dani hires someone who appears not be as great as she first thought. It ends up that Dani is still doing all the work and Margaret gets the credit from Oscar. But Dani can't fire her because she wants to prove to Oscar that she made the right choice. She comes clean with Oscar about it. She doesn't feel like producermaterial. He tries reversed psychology to convince her otherwise.
He and Emily went shopping together. He notices she's off. She's very distant to him. He tries way too hard to impress and amorize her. He needs to give her time to figure things out. But still he tries too hard to comfort her for missing London. She explains that England was the first time she lived on her own and it's that feeling that she misses. She wants to be on her own. So they break up.

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