Thursday, December 13, 2018

New Idea: I Give It A Year

This is a new idea to play in The Sims 2 (or other games) based on the movie I Give It A Year.


A couple knows eachother for just a few months when they're getting married because they are so in  love.
Not far after the wedding they go to couples counseling (with Free Time a sim can study about that and help the couple) because they feel they got married too soon. They get to know eachother better in the next few months and start growing apart.
The guy starts to have feelings for an old lover who went abroad for 4 years and officially their relationship never ended.
The girl starts to get feelings for a business partner who really tries to seduce her not knowing she's married.
In the end the couple divorces and get together with their other love.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

New Book: The Book of Common

This book is a new object and not a replacement.

You can find it in Hobbies -> Knowledge
They cost $250 each.

The mesh is included so you don’t need to download anything. Thanks to Nate92488.



Polygon counts
Cover: 120 polys
Shadow: 2 polys

Other books:

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Let me know if you use my work.

Credits go to:
SimPe, Nate92488.

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