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Sunday, April 14, 2024

New Idea: W817 - S5E08

In general the idea is to give you one episode per blogpost. In every blogpost I'll shortly describe what happens with the main characters of W817 ((W"eight" = Wait) Dutch: Wait A Second) in that certain episode.
It's a Flemish show that can be best compared with Friends. I call it "The Flemish Friends".

I do this because it's mainly about a group of students in college and so with these episode ideas we have something new to play for our sims in college.
Or you can play this in the game as you wish.
I know W817 maybe even better by heart than Friends (that's saying something).

Also like Friends this series was made at the end of the ninties, begin nillies so this is actually very suitable for The Sims 2 as there were no smartphones or internet like we know now.

There are no seperate seasons and episodes don't have a title. There are 131 episodes and I will number them accordingly.
Meet the characters
Here you can find an overview of all the characters and their personality:
He is having fun with Tom. He told Zoe to take a break from studying, but she got mad.
She bought a carpet, but it's way too big for her apartment so she needs to cut it, but she keeps cutting it ending up with tons and tons of coasters.
He is watching TV and eating crisps. He keeps bothering Zoe to do something fun, but she gets real mad about it.
She is really studying and working hard. Tom tries to convince her to have some fun, but she really wants to pass. Tom and Steve finally convince her to take a break and go to the movies (Steve is buying and that only happens once in a super blue moon). When they return she hears that Mickey (her ex-boyfriend and best friend) has passed away.
He wants to make a trip with Carlo. They decide to go to Karlakistan. But in real they just stay in their room pretending to go there.
She helps Bridget to cut her carpet the right size.
He and Akke are going to make a trip. Carlo wants to go to Cuba and Akke to Brazil. They decide to use a world map and an small arrow to pin their destination. First one: The Netherlands, but they both agree that's not going to be it.
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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

New Food: Beef Dish With Vegetables - F&HCP Group 07

Some time ago I found a lot of old recipes my mother collected over the years and as I am better at creating custom food for The Sims 2 than cooking the dishes myself, I decided to create them and share them with you.
The plate is a default replacement by GreenEyedSims found here:
The plate is NOT needed or required for the food to work!
Download @ SFS: Your sims need this!

Basic information

It's cloned from the Chili Con Carne so it acts as such.
Needed cooking skill to cook the food: 4
Needed cooking skill to not burn the food: 6
(I recommend Variable Meal Servings by Neder)
Available for lunch
Found under Have Lunch.../S2I's ...


More questions

Let me know in the comment section. I'll be glad to help.
Please, provide as much information as you can (maybe with a screenshot).
The more information you give me about a question/problem the better I can help.


Quick and Healthy Cooking (Snel en gezond koken)
The plate is a default replacement by GreenEyedSims found here:

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