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Wednesday, February 08, 2023

New 3t2 Maxis 3lvl Career: Spa Receptionist

Maxis has written a lot of careers after The Sims 2. I keep playing The Sims 2, but I love to involve the other games too.
So I created this 3 to 2 Maxis career.

There is 1 package file and 1 translationfile (descriptions)
(if you want to translate the career)
And the overview in a pdf-file (spoiler)

Download @ SFS

If you like this creation, please, press the thanks button and/or leave a comment. Feedback always keeps a creator going for making more new stuff.


- Every level has now "lvl #" in the title. # standing for the number of the level.
- When upgrading this career will go to Business

How to translate?
1. Is the career already translated into the language you want, because then your hard work would be in vain? Check it here:
2. It's important that you just translate the English lines. (See the thread to know which descriptions and which levels belong together)
3. You have to translate it twice. Once for male and once for female. Even when it's the same description!
---- Please, don't change the other lines.
4. Don't forget to translate the word "Unemployed" and to give me the translation of the career title as I will need that info when I add your translation to the career.
5. Upload the translated file to a comment in this thread.

Additional Credits:
Wooden UI by Calidan (MTS)
Job Seeking Board by Moghughson (MTS)

Credits for the icon:

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Saturday, February 04, 2023

New Idea: W817 - S3E30

In general the idea is to give you one episode per blogpost. In every blogpost I'll shortly describe what happens with the main characters of W817 ((W"eight" = Wait) Dutch: Wait A Second) in that certain episode.
It's a Flemish show that can be best compared with Friends. I call it "The Flemish Friends".

I do this because it's mainly about a group of students in college and so with these episode ideas we have something new to play for our sims in college.
Or you can play this in the game as you wish.
I know W817 maybe even better by heart than Friends (that's saying something).

Also like Friends this series was made at the end of the ninties, begin nillies so this is actually very suitable for The Sims 2 as there were no smartphones or internet like we know now.

There are no seperate seasons and episodes don't have a title. There are 131 episodes and I will number them accordingly.
Meet the characters
Here you can find an overview of all the characters and their personality:
The roses are for him. He wants to meet him in the Rose Garden in the city.
She misses the story about the blind date because she has to open the door. They delivered one single rose without a card. Everyone is excited about the rose being dropped off every hour.
He and Carlo help Jasmin with the problem with the car, but they make things worse.
She really doesn't want to tell what happened on the blind date. She wants to talk with Akke about what happened on the blind date, but she falls and lands on him while Maaike comes in. She wants to make up with Maaike for Akke, but Maaike doesn't want to listen so she starts to chat. Maaike and Akke make up.
He tells in 25-27 words what happened on the blind date. He kissed Zoe because the other girl really liked him.
She's really panicking because she took the car without permission of her father and she had a small accident. It's just a scratch. Tom and Carlo want to help her painting it again, but they make matters way worse.
He and Tom help Jasmin with the problem with the car, but they make things worse.
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