Sunday, November 29, 2020

New Tutorial: How to change a sim into a servo

At the moment I am (re)watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. I really love the show (I didn't think I would love it this much). Many of the characters have been made as a sim (most by MistyBlue at Modthesims) as also Data. But Data is not a sim, he's an android. So I wanted to change him into a servo in game. It took me several hours, but I have finaly found out how to do it.

The original explanation on how to do so is found here:
But this is very brief and even though I searched on the Internet for more information it took me some hours to found out how to do it exactly. I know my way around SimPE, but I normally stay far away from Neighbourhood and Character files in SimPE.
Now to not forget how I did it, I'll write here a short tutorial and I made a small video for the people who really want to learn it.

What you need to do (what I did to make it work):
Basic knowledge of SimPE is required
I have made a Facebook Live to explain it further: How to change a sim into a servo

In The Sims 2

  1. Create the sim you want to change into a servo or at least learn it's name and appearance.

In SimPE

  1. Go to the Neighbourhood Browser
  2. Go to the Sim Browser
  3. Find the Sim you want to change into a servo and find the number of his Character's file.
  4. Close SimPE (without saving)
  5. Go to My Documents - EA Games - Neighbourhoods  - Nxxx - Characters and locate the character's file in the right neighbourhood.
  6. Open the file with SimPE
  7. Go to where you can find the GUID normally
  8. Change the Orig. GUID into 0xD07B9CE9
  9. If you ever want to change it back the Orig. GUID of a sim is: 
In The Sims 2
  1. Open the family where your sim/android is
  2. If everything went well, your sim is now acting as a servo
I really hope everything in this tutorial is clear how to do it. You can always contact me on Facebook if you have any questions.
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Saturday, November 28, 2020

New Idea: Dancing


There are many ways to transfer money from one sim to another.
Based upon the The Sims 4 EP Get To Work, I was thinking about how you can let your sim be a professional dancer and go with him/her To Work.
When your sim has enough dancing skills he/she can go somewhere and dance there. Maybe in a group or solo or something. The viewers (customers) can transfer money in meaning of payment.

Your sim can do many many jobs this way and you can Get To Work with your sim.

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