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Monday, July 06, 2020

New Idea: W817 - E006

In general the idea is to give you one episode per blogpost. In every blogpost I'll shortly describe what happens with the main characters of W817 ((W"eight" = Wait) Dutch: Wait A Second) in that certain episode.
It's a Flemish show that can be best compared with Friends. I call it "The Flemish Friends".

I do this because it's mainly about a group of students in college and so with these episode ideas we have something new to play for our sims in college.

Or you can play this in the game as you wish.
I know W817 maybe even better by heart than Friends (that's saying something).

Also like Friends this series was made at the end of the ninties, begin nillies so this is actually very suitable for The Sims 2 as there were no smartphones or internet like we know now.

There are no seperate seasons and episodes don't have a title. There are 131 episodes and I will number them accordingly.

Meet the characters
Here you can find an overview of all the characters and their personality:
He's very active and goes jogging with his new boyfriend, Tony. He asks Birgit to join him next Saturday. He believes it's Tony's birthday (the others tell him it is). He's looking for a gift, but it appears it's not his birthday. He just wants to meet eachother's parents.
She's completely exhausted from the jogging but agrees to Steve to go to the fitness because the trainer is really cute. She falls in love with the fitness trainer Dick. But he's way to active for her.
He's enjoying the fact he is now a writer for a known publisher. But his roommates still may not read some of his work. He buys a laptop directly from the USA, but he miscalculates in how much it costs him. It's more expensive than thought and now he has trouble paying the rent. Because no one wants to loan him money for rent he sells his laptop again.
She bought blue hairdye but it went all wrong.
He playing a murdergame in college. Not on a computer but they need to kill peers with toyguns.
She has a new boyfriend, Evert, who cooks lasagna for her when his parents are away. It didn't go well after he asks her to go to his room and initiates more than kissing. She slapped him and leaves. She's afraid now she has lost her boyfriend. She was in doubt what to do with her boyfriend. But then he dumps her because she has to think about it.


Sunday, July 05, 2020

New Idea: Friends - The One With Rachel's Inadvertent Kiss - S5E17

In general the idea is to give you one episode per blogpost. In every blogpost I'll shortly describe what happens with the six main characters of Friends in that certain episode. SPOILER
You can then play this in the game as you wish.
The blogpost about the personality, family tree,... of the six main characters in general is found here:

General happenings season 5:
Season five starts with Ross and Emily's wedding in London. The season features Monica and Chandler trying to keep their new relationship a secret from their friends. Phoebe gives birth to triplets in the show's 100th episode. She gives birth to a boy, Frank Jr. Jr., and two girls: Leslie and Chandler. Emily states that the only condition in which she would remain married to Ross is if he stops all communication with Rachel. Ross agrees, but during a last dinner with all six main characters together, Emily phones Ross and, upon discovering Rachel is there, realizes she does not trust him, which ends the marriage. Phoebe begins a relationship with a police officer, Gary (Michael Rapaport), after finding his badge and using it as her own. Monica and Chandler go public with their relationship, to the surprise and happiness of their friends. They decide to get married on a trip to Las Vegas, but, change their plans after witnessing Ross and Rachel drunkenly stumble out of the wedding chapel.

The One With Rachel's Inadvertent Kiss - S5E17
Rachel has an interview at Ralph Lauren, where she mistakenly kisses the interviewer (Mr. Zelner). She gets called back for a second interview, where she again mistakes Mr. Zelner's actions and chews him out. Later, realizing her mistake, she meets with him again, straightens things out, and gets the job. Ross spends all his free time 'acting' in front of his window, thinking it entertains his friends. Joey tries to find a woman who keeps waving at him from Ross' building, but somehow keeps ending up at Ross' place instead. Monica obsesses about proving that she and Chandler are still a hot couple, like Phoebe and Gary. Chandler enjoys it for a while, but eventually helps Monica see that their relationship has progressed to a better level.


She has a jobinterview at Ralph Lauren. She'll be the coordinator of the women's collection and will work right under the director. The jobinterview went well, but as her future boss reaches for the door she thought he wanted to kiss him and she kisses him. She's ashamed but called back for a second interview in the end she got the job even though the last interview was videotaped.


She and Phoebe are in kind of a contest about who has the hottest relationship. Phoebe is at the beginning of her relationship with Gary.


She's in the contest with Monica because well she's Monica.


Ross does some sketches window to window. Joey is watching and sees a hot woman in Ross's building. But he keeps counting wrong. Ross meets the hot girl and he's at her apartment when Joey finally got the apartment right, but Ross opens the door...


He's caught in the contest between Monica and Phoebe. Though he likes it.


He's doing sketches in his apartment. Surfing, getting caught by a shark, watching tv,....


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