All new careers (and updated old careers) I made are in different versions (Default PTO7, PTO3 and PTO5). Now finally after many years it has been made possible to create a global mod for PTO3 and PTO5.
So if you'd like to have PTO3 or PTO5 versions of my careers.
Please, go here to download the global mod:
You can keep the PTO3 or PTO5 versions you already have in your downloadfolder. You don't need to redownload the career.

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Friday, November 30, 2012

New with Music: Elvis Inducted into Memphis Music Hall of Fame

Elvis Presley, among other Memphis music greats, were inducted into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame Thursday evening during a musical tribute held at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Memphis. According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Priscilla Presley accepted on behalf of Elvis and noted that Elvis' musical influences included several of his fellow inductees.

"I know he would be humbled and pleased to be included in standing with them tonight at this inaugural event," said Priscilla in a video message presented during the ceremony.

Memphis is often known as the cradle for legendary musicians in blues, soul, and rock 'n' roll. Sponsored by the Memphis Rock 'n' Soul Museum, the ceremony consisted of 25 inductees who maintained strong ties to the Memphis community and were pioneers in the music industry. Other Memphians honored were Sun Studio founder Sam Phillips, DJ Dewey Phillips, blues legends B.B. King, Howlin' Wolf, and Isaac Hayes, among many others.

Published: december 1st 2012 07:08 AM.
Source: EPE - ElvisMatters / Published by: ElvisMatters - Peter Verbruggen .
Reproduction of this news item is granted, on condition of reference to the source:

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New requests made (but how...)

November was a good month for requests comparing to the months October and September.
I haven't had the time to update the requestform. It does take longer than you'd think as there are so many different ways people do requests.

Only requests made by the correct form here on my blog are official and valid.

No problem for me to accept requests by other social media (mail, Facebook, Twitter, TSR, MTS, comments,...) but then you don't have the right to complain that your requests takes very long or is even never made!

Thanks for understanding!

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