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Monday, October 15, 2012

New Situation: Johnny B Good

In the woods there is a cabin made of wood. There lives a poor countryboy named Johnny B. Good with his mama. He has never learned to read and write, but he good play a guitar just like ringing a bell.
As a teenager and an adult he plays guitar in a band.

What do you need:
A mama with her son.
The son has low grades at school
The creativity skill of the boy has reached maximum points by the time he's a teenager.
He is the bandleader in a group of friends (he plays guitar).

To play in a band you need this EP:

Based on:
Song: Johnny B. Good - Chuck Berry

Monday, October 08, 2012

New Unmissable CC: Cigarette/Smoking Mod

This is a download for The Sims 3. It's NOT created by me but by cmomoney on MTS.

The sim can smoke a cigarette and will become addicted. Which will have consequences.

Here you can find all information needed:

All credit goes to cmomoney on MTS. I'm just telling people about this download here on my blog as this is one of my favourite Sims downloads.

Friday, October 05, 2012

New insiminator option explained: For every adjustor

Where do I download the insiminator?- You can download it here: Downloads- The Insiminator is compatible with ALL expansions.Where do I find it in game? Elektronics ---> All

You can find these options with any adjustor.
  • Delete: Delete this adjustor (Not wise to do)
  • Information: This option is useless
  • Change model: Change the model of the adjustor

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

New Insiminator option explained: Social Adjustor

Where do I download the insiminator?
- You can download it here: Downloads
- The Insiminator is compatible with ALL expansions.
Where do I find it in game?
Elektronics ---> All

Social adjustor

For this adjustor there are following options:

  • Lot Jealousy
    • Turn off the jealousy on your lot.
  • New Name
    • Change the first name of a sim.
  • Fix Appearance
    • Choose between these two:
      • Make Over
        • Change appearance  (like the mirror does)
      • Face Lift
        • Choose the sim you want to give a plastic surgery (like the CAS-screen)
  • Tanning
    • Change the tanning level.
  • Gestures
    • Add or remove gestures your sims can use.
  • Timer
    • Make the timer for parties, a date,... longer or shorter.
  • Influence Level
    • Change the influence level.
  • Influence Points
    • Change the influence points level

Monday, October 01, 2012

New Situation: Little Sister

A teenageboy is going steady with a teenagegirl. The girl has a little sister (child). When the couple goes on a date another teenageboy comes along. The girl falls for the other boy and leaves her boyfriend.
The first teenageboy is left behind by himself. When the little sister becomes a teenager, she goes out with her older sister's ex-boyfriend (the boy who was left behind).

What do you need:
Two families with each a teenageboy.
One family with a teenagegirl and a younger girl (child).

Based on:
Song: Little Sister - Elvis Presley

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