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Sunday, November 29, 2020

New Tutorial: How to change a sim into a servo

At the moment I am (re)watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. I really love the show (I didn't think I would love it this much). Many of the characters have been made as a sim (most by MistyBlue at Modthesims) as also Data. But Data is not a sim, he's an android. So I wanted to change him into a servo in game. It took me several hours, but I have finaly found out how to do it.

The original explanation on how to do so is found here:
But this is very brief and even though I searched on the Internet for more information it took me some hours to found out how to do it exactly. I know my way around SimPE, but I normally stay far away from Neighbourhood and Character files in SimPE.
Now to not forget how I did it, I'll write here a short tutorial and I made a small video for the people who really want to learn it.

What you need to do (what I did to make it work):
Basic knowledge of SimPE is required
I have made a Facebook Live to explain it further: How to change a sim into a servo

In The Sims 2

  1. Create the sim you want to change into a servo or at least learn it's name and appearance.

In SimPE

  1. Go to the Neighbourhood Browser
  2. Go to the Sim Browser
  3. Find the Sim you want to change into a servo and find the number of his Character's file.
  4. Close SimPE (without saving)
  5. Go to My Documents - EA Games - Neighbourhoods  - Nxxx - Characters and locate the character's file in the right neighbourhood.
  6. Open the file with SimPE
  7. Go to where you can find the GUID normally
  8. Change the Orig. GUID into 0xD07B9CE9
  9. If you ever want to change it back the Orig. GUID of a sim is: 
In The Sims 2
  1. Open the family where your sim/android is
  2. If everything went well, your sim is now acting as a servo
I really hope everything in this tutorial is clear how to do it. You can always contact me on Facebook if you have any questions.
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Saturday, November 28, 2020

New Idea: Dancing


There are many ways to transfer money from one sim to another.
Based upon the The Sims 4 EP Get To Work, I was thinking about how you can let your sim be a professional dancer and go with him/her To Work.
When your sim has enough dancing skills he/she can go somewhere and dance there. Maybe in a group or solo or something. The viewers (customers) can transfer money in meaning of payment.

Your sim can do many many jobs this way and you can Get To Work with your sim.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

New Terrain: Wisconsin - USA Project

This terrain is based on the state Wisconsin - USA.
I can't make the terrain and neighbourhood exactly how it is as TS2 doesn't allow diagonal roads and is limited in space that can be used, but I try to make it look like the state as much as possible.

You don't need anything to use this neighbourhood. But don't put it in your downloadfolder. You should put the .sc4 file and pictures in the folder EA Games/ The Sims 2/ SC4Terrains

Download @ SFS: USA! USA! USA!

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3. When using my work in your pictures, please, give credit (name and link) so people know where to download it.

Additional Credits:
Simcity 4

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Sunday, November 22, 2020

New Idea: W817 - S2E03

In general the idea is to give you one episode per blogpost. In every blogpost I'll shortly describe what happens with the main characters of W817 ((W"eight" = Wait) Dutch: Wait A Second) in that certain episode.
It's a Flemish show that can be best compared with Friends. I call it "The Flemish Friends".

I do this because it's mainly about a group of students in college and so with these episode ideas we have something new to play for our sims in college.

Or you can play this in the game as you wish.
I know W817 maybe even better by heart than Friends (that's saying something).

Also like Friends this series was made at the end of the ninties, begin nillies so this is actually very suitable for The Sims 2 as there were no smartphones or internet like we know now.

There are no seperate seasons and episodes don't have a title. There are 131 episodes and I will number them accordingly.

Meet the characters
Here you can find an overview of all the characters and their personality:
He tries to convince Tom that Birgit doesn't  want him. But it doesn't  work.
She applies for many jobs, but she doesn't get any reaction. She needs to relax and wants to go to the movies, but her friends can't except for Tom. She really tries to find someone else, but Carlo is a bit too enthousiastic so decides to go with Tom if he buys her the ticket. She gets a letter that she has a jobinterview.
He really wants to go with Birgit to the movies. He and Birgit had the time of their lives, but he doesn't  understand the fact that they are not a couple. She just want to stay friends. He brings breakfast to Birgit's room and she tells him it will never work between them. He then is really depressed sitting in the living room just staring in front him. He doesn't react to anything.
They discuss what they can do to help Tom.
He and Carlo work on a domotica project (aka start of smart home). They ask the other friends to fill out a questionform about their use of electronics and time the things they do daily.
She sleeps over at the friends place. She sleeps on the couch.
It's the first time Akke brings him over. He immediatly falls in love with Birgit, but she's clearly not interested. He tries to get to know things about Birgit by asking questions to her friends 'because of his project'.


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Saturday, November 21, 2020

New Idea: My Crazy Ex

Based on one episode of My Crazy Ex

A few years before this all happens, a girls sleeps with the fiance of her sister on Christmas eve.

Few years later she dates a guy for a few weeks and takes him to her family for the holidays. She invites a friend Todd and goes out on a drink with him so her boyfriend goes out with her sister and hangs out with her. The next day there's a party of an old highschool friend where she goes to without her boyfriend so he can hang out with her sister again.

Then it appeared both things were set up so her the guy could hang out with her sister and they could become a couple. He was nothing more than a christmas present to make up for what happened a few years before.

Now they are seperated and married someone else. The sister... started dating Todd.

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Sunday, November 15, 2020

New career: Professional Ballerina

There is 1 package file
1 translationfile (descriptions) (for if you want to translate the career)
And the overview in a pdf-file (spoiler)
Download @ SFS: TS2 Careers > 10-lvl Career

If you have University
You will notice this career might be linked to some majors (look at the overview to see if and which ones) and that your sim might need a degree or not (not necessarly a degree in a major that the career is linked to. Any major would do).
If you don't have University, this career works as a normal career.
Also if you look with the Job Board or with another object mod for this career, the degree does not matter. You will always find the career for your sim.
If you have any questions, you can always ask!

All new careers (and updated old careers) I made are in different versions (Default PTO7, PTO3 and PTO5). Now finally after many years it has been made possible to create a global mod for PTO3 and PTO5.
So if you'd like to have PTO3 or PTO5 versions of my careers.

Please, go here to download the global mod:
You can keep the PTO3 or PTO5 versions you already have in your downloadfolder. You don't need to redownload the career.

If you have any questions, you can contact me by Facebook Messenger (sidebar on this blog).

If you like this creation, please, press the thanks button and/or leave a nice comment. Feedback always keeps a creator going for making more new stuff.


- Every level has "lvl #" in the title. # standing for the number of the level.
- There is a link with a University major, though, you don't need the EP to use this career

Additional Credits:
Wooden UI by Calidan (MTS)
Job Seeking Board by Moghughson (MTS)
Numenor's Anygamestarter
The dress is found here:

Credits for the icon:

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