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Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Tutorial: Your own movies/TV show on Sims TV

First some important things:
1. The movie shouldn't be too long. (It's smaller (in MB) and takes less time to download)
2. YouTube is the best for short fun movies.
3. It should ALWAYS be AVI!
4. ALWAYS 128x128. Otherwise it will not look good on Sims TV.
5. ALWAYS 15 frames/seconde. It may be more, but then the file will be bigger.
6. You may remove or replace the files with extension .movie (default movies)
8. Channels came with Base Game, University, Seasons and Free Time.

Now the tutorial
First you decide which movie you want for which channel. I choose the trailer of the first Harry Potter movie for the channel Horrormovie Werewolf (came with Free Time) which I found on YouTube. I choose a trailer and not the whole movie as the movie should be short.

IMPORTANT: You have to watch the whole movie (trailer in this case) on YouTube first so it's fully loaded.

If you know which movie you want (YouTube or a file on your computer) go to this site:

This is what you need to fill in:
Bestand kiezen: Choose the file on your computer.
OF enter URL: Give the URL copied from YouTube
Change Size: 128x128 is ideal.
Change frame rate: 15 frames per second as it should be
Cut video: If the movie you chose is too long you can make it smaller by filling out the start- and endminute. The first 00 is hour. The second 00 are minutes and the third 00 are seconds.
Convert file: Check everything and then press Convert file.

Don't change anything else if you don't know what you're doing!

The longer the movie, the longer it will take to download.

Now you get this screen:

After a short while you get this screen:

You can fill out your e-mail and press Submit address.
If you do that, you may shut the window and even shut down your computer. You'll get an e-mail when the file is ready to download.
If you don't want to give your e-mail, you'll have to wait until the window Save As shows so you can save the file.

Where you need to place the file depends on which channel you chose (see overview at the bottom).

These are the possible paths:

Base Game: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\Base\TSData\Res\Movies\Broadcast
University: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 University\TSData\Res\Movies\Broadcast
Seasons: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Seasons\TSData\Res\Movies\Broadcast
Free Time: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Free Time\TSData\Res\Movies\Broadcast

Base Game: TvChildren
Base Game: TvFood
Base Game: TvSBN
Base Game: TvMusic
Base Game: Commercials
Base Game: TvWorkout

Univeristy: TvSports

EP Seasons: The Weather Forecast
- Winter: TV_Weather_Winter
- Summer: TV_Weather_Summer
- Spring: TV_Weather_Spring
- Autumn: TV_Weather_Fall

Free Time for all movies: Watch movie... Horor...
- TVMovie_Werewolf
-- Harry Potter 1 (trailer)
- TVMovie_BWCat

- TVMovie_Weather
- TVMovie_Fetch

- TVMovie_Fairies
- TV_FamilyFun

- Mime-kat: TVMovie_MimeCat
- Kip: TVMovie_Checkers

- TVMovie_PoolTable
- TVMovie_BubbleBath

The principal is the same for having other movies for the different games. You'll just have to save the AVI-file in the folder Games instead of Broadcast.
I haven't tried this!

I'm not responsible for any crashes, explosions or whatever to your game and computer!

Original tutorial written by Lientebollemeis (me) is found here:

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