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Monday, August 20, 2012

Remake of all Maxis' careers for Sims 2

This blogpost is outdated (because Maxis made new careers after 2012). Please, go to and then go to the sheet "Remakes" to see an updated list.

A lot of people already requested some of these careers. This is a huge project of over 30 careers.
I remade all careers available in Sims 1 and 3 (Sims 2 careers are available for Sims 2 of course).
- When a career was double I only created it once. E.g.: Paranormal in Sims 1 & 3 is exactly the same so then I only create it once (this is just an example. I don't know if it's true for Paranormal)
- It was hard to find good icons. I hope they're satisfactionary.
- For some careers I used the same Icon (E.g. Spa Specialist and receptionist) So there are more careers than icons.
- It's possible you see some careers twice (E.g. Entertainment). They have different descriptions, hours, wages,... So I consider them as different careers.
- I used this site for all information I needed:
-- If some information wasn't availble, I made it up myself

I started this project at the beginning of 2011. After over 1,5 year it's finally uploaded.
Now I only hope you like it.

Click the button to see what's included:

Download (overview so you can choose which careers you download):

All people who requested one or several of these careers
EA Games and Maxis
This site without I couldn't create this (all information about careers SPOILER!)
-- (I'm not responsible for changes on this site. If something is not the same as the careers I made that's because it has been changed in the meantime.)

I do NOT  take any credit for the levels, descriptions, promotional skills needed, etc. as they are just taken from the Maxis' careers. I tried my best with everything I could not supply from the Maxis career.


  1. Thank you! It is great work! I hav question: these careers are multilingual?

  2. No, but there are some people who applied to translate my careers. So they might be someday. Feel free to send me a translation and I will update the careers.

  3. This is the great project! I missed some of Sims 1 careers and I like Sims 3 careers, but it is such a small reason to install this game. Sims 2 is more suitable for my play style.

    I'd like to make Russian translation for Sims 1 and Sims 3 careers. These careers don't have chance card, so it is enough to translate job levels and their description?

  4. Thank you so much for making and sharing all the Maxis careers ! That's absolutely awesome !! Do the careers appear with the game's name ? (to be clearer, when I choose a career will it appear as, for example, "music, sims 3" ?)

  5. @Yana: Also the Sims 2 career don't have chance cards as I couldn't find them on the Net. So feel free to translate them too.
    There are already a lot of people who would like to translate (many different languages) and in stead of working with them by mail seperatly I will try to create a system everyone can freely translate without asking first (like with the sims 3 conversions here on S2I)

    @lila: If you use the Job Board of MogHughSon ( you will see indeed the game's name. If I remember correctly (this porject took me really long) it will also appear with the game's name when searching in the computer or in the paper.

  6. Thanks for the information : I do have Mog Hugson's Job Board ! That's perfect !!

  7. I downloaded your Sims 3 teen careers, and just now, when I tried to put one of my teen sims into the bookstore career, it threw a jump bug. (I don't play with debug mode on, so I couldn't give an error log.) I exited the lot without saving, tried some of the others, and those too gave a jump bug. As well, the career tab is empty. (Hope that makes sense.) Any idea what's going on?

  8. Can you please e-mail me about this problem?
    It's much easier to help with a personal case by private e-mail than anonymously on the Internet.

    That jump bug is caused by another download not by a career. I just tried it myself and I didn't get an error.
    Can you tell me in which way you gave the sim the career (by PC, newspaper, ...)?
    The career tab is indeed empty but if you click next to the icon of the school (where the career tab should be), you will see the career information.
    I'm working on an update so the icon is visible.

  9. Thank you so much for these! A question, though: are some of these defaults?

  10. Noen of these are defaults. They all have a unique GUID.

  11. Thank you for replying! Do you give me permission to default some of these then? I'll credit you and link to your site, of course.

  12. If you upload it ONLY on my blog, then I don't mind.


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