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Sunday, October 30, 2016

New Project: Realistic Ages 1 Sims Day = 1 Real Day

This is a project that I really like. I made it long ago, but now I think it's perfect enough to upload here.
I understand that there will be people who would like to see different spans for the different ages as I made.
Feel free to request a different span:
Or take a look at the different tutorials on my blog to create these mods yourself: Label: Tutorial - All


You can find it under: Project & Themes > Project Realistic Ages
This is the complete project (pet pregnancy included). Be sure to delete the mods of the EP's you do not have!

Ages Sims (no EP's needed):
Baby: Ages 0 – 1: 365 Days
Toddlers: Ages 1 – 6: 1825 Days
Children: Ages 6 – 13: 2555 Days
Teens: Ages 13 – 19: 2190 Days
Adults: Ages 19 – 65: 16790 Days
Elder: Ages +65
Total of baby to adult: 23725 days/365 = 65 years
Elder ("Between": the game choses this randomly):
Platinum aspiration: Between 95,42 and 87,92 years old
Gold aspiration: Between 86,67 and 79,17 years old
Green aspiration: Between 79,17 and 71,67 years old
No aspiration: Between 78,33 and 70,83 years old
Red aspiration: Between 65,83 and 73,33 years old

Skills (no EP's needed):
150 to 180 hours to gain a skillpoint.
Very long, but your sims have really a lot of time.

University (UNI needed):
Within this project that's 4380 hours per semester.

Pregnancy (OFB needed):
Maxis' pregnancy duration (24 hours in a day):
First trimester (impregnation to first morth): 25 hours (1 day and 1 hour)
Second trimester (first morth to second morth): 25 hours (1 day and 1 hour)
Third trimester (second morth to birth: 25 hours (1 day and 1 hour)

Project Realistic Ages (1simsday=1realday) pregnancy duration (24 hours in a day):
First trimester (impregnation to first morth): 504 hours
Second trimester (first morth to second morth): 5544 hours
Third trimester (second morth to birth: 672 hours

This is because then your sims will have morning sickness for 504 hours (I think that's long enough).
I like my pregnant sims to show their pregnant belly, but they still can go to work (although the game doesn't agree). Just send them to work on foot or by car as the carpool won't come anymore.
The third stage is 672. That's also not very long compared to the second stage, but that's because I think it's already long enough for the sims to walk around with such a big belly.
I understand some player will think otherwise about this than me. But as I create for myself (or by request) and then share it, I feel it should be to my liking. If I'd made a different span for every player who has a different liking, I think I would have hundreds or thousands different spans.

Ages pets (Pets needed):
Kitten: 365 days (1 year)
Adult cat: 4745 days (about 13 years)
Puppy: 365 days (1 year)
Adult large dog: 3650 days (about 10 years)
Adult small dog: 4380 days (about 12 years)
Elder cat and dog: 1095 days (3 years)

Pets pregnancy
Real life pregnancy duration
A cat's pregnancy in real life takes about 62-67 days.
A dog's pregnancy in real life takes about 58-65 days.
As I can't seperate the length of cat's and dog's pregnancy in the game, I took the shortest and longest length 58-67 days.

Maxis' pet pregnancy duration (24 hours in a day):
Minimum: 48 hours
Maximum: 60 hours

Project Realistic Ages (1simsday=1realmonth) pet pregnancy duration (24 hours in a day):
Minimum: 1392 hours

Maximum: 1608 hours

Seasons (Seasons needed):
Every season lasts 91 days as there are 30+31+30 days in 1 season.
It's actually different every season but as 365/4 equals 91.25, 91 days is about right.

More info
You can find information about how the mod works here:

The Lifespan doesn't work:

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Additional Credits:
All people who helped making this possible, Delphy, Inge Jones, Zirconia Wolf

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