Sunday, November 09, 2014

TS4 New tutorial: Create a new lifespan for Sims 4

I don't support the lifespanmods for TS4 anymore.
But with this tutorial you can update it yourself:
Just be sure you use an update lifespan mod as a base:

The reason why I don't support them anymore, is because nearly every time there's a new patch, update, game pack or EP there's a huge chance this needs to be updated (so have fun with that).

I hardly play the game myself anymore and if I play it's totally without CC 'cause nearly every time there's a new patch, update, game pack or EP there's a huge chance +50% of my CC needs to be updated.

The principle of this tutorial still is the same after the toddler patch and after the Cats & Dogs EP. You just need to change the age for toddlers and pets as well.

Things needed before you start:

Make sure you use an updated custom lifespan package as base.

Creating the lifespan

  • Open S4PE.
  • Open the lifespan package.
  • The screen is divided into two windows.
    • In the left window you will see one line.
      • Select that line and you will see text in the right window
  • Then go to Settings and then External programs

  • Be sure none of the squares are selected.
    • Press "ok"
  • Press with the right-mouse button on the line in the left window.
  • Select Notepad at the buttom of the menu
  • The notepadfile will open.
  • Press ctrl + F and type "threshold"
    • The notepad will search for all the lines with that word.
    • On the right of that word you see a number.
      • That's the span of the age you see a few lines higher
      • The value is always the "Normal" length

  • Change the values in the ones you want for the Normal length for all the ages.
  • At the top of the notepadfile you will see the multipliers for the other lengths.
    • In this example the span of the adult age for the length "Fast" will be 408*2=816
    • The span of the adult age for the length "Slow" will be 408*0.5=204

  • Save the notepadfile and close it.
  • Say Yes when S4PE askes Commit changes?
  • Now go to File and press Save as
    • Give the package a unique name and save it in the mods folder of your game
      • Be sure you only have one lifespan mod in that folder at the time.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment. I'll answer asap.

Policy on uploading
  • If you want to upload your new created lifespan made with this tutorial, please, respect my general policy:
    • Please, give credit with a link back to this tutorial when uploading so other people can use the tutorial too.
  • This policy only counts for this tutorial. For my general policy go here:

I accept requests full time!
If you have a request please go here:

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Sunday, November 02, 2014

New tutorial: Post to the blog S2I

The old tutorial about posting to this blog S2I has been deleted. It might have been a bit too complicated to easily post to the blog. So I decided to make it way easier for you to post on this blog yourself.

Mail the text, creations, images,... you want to publish on the blog to these 2 addresses:
The post will be published within 48 hours.

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