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The Essentials

This is a new category on my blog:"The Essentials" (tag: Essential CC). The difference with Unmissable CC is that when it's unmissable it's a very nice addon and fun to have it in game that you almost can't play without it and you wonder how you can ever have played without it.
But "The Essentials" is needed even before you start a new neighbourhood. Or at least for me. I started to play again in October 2017 and I first needed a week to clean my downloadfolder and decide what is unmissable (but not worth a conflict) and what is essential (what I would keep and where I would delete the conflicted mod even if it were unmissable).
Here you can find the blogposts I will post/ already have posted about those essentials.
I will complete this list when I think of more essentials.

Last update: 2020-05-09
(The ✅ mark means there were changes with the last update)

✅ The Important Essentials (needed for your game not getting corrupted)

 What you can/should do yourself to avoid Maxis game corruption

✅ Essential programs for installing lots and sims and mods:

Modded cheat objects
✅Lifespan + pregnancyspan
✅School & University
  • Cheat: Boolprop Controlpets On
  • Petslifespan (included in Project Realistic Ages)
  • Petspregnancyspan (need testers)
  • Seasonspan (included in Project Realistic Ages)
✅ Economy
The little ones
  • Baby Outfits Pokemon & Elvis

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