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Thursday, December 30, 2021

New FAQ: Why is your custom content no longer on ModTheSims?

It are the rules to upload that I not all agree to. Over the last few years they changed a lot and they use two measurements. They once asked me to changes almost 300 previous uploads because they would do it differently. And recently the guidelines and rules about policy of other creators made clear to me that they don't respect mine and I just feel like I need to be in control again of the things I create. After 11 years of creating, I have my own style and at MTS I cannot be trueful to that.
Another example on how MTS controls other's stuff when uploading it there: It's not possible to delete the food I uploaded there. That's really one of the reason why I know it was the correct decission to leave.

There are many more reasons but as example it's not even up to the creator how a screenshot is made when uploading, how many you make or what you write in the description. The uploading system has become so complicated that it takes longer to figure it out and upload a creation for them than to actually create it. And MTS says that if I don't agree to one of the rules and guidelines I should move my stuff elsewhere. So I do now. I am still going to be on MTS, just not my stuff. That will be moved to my blog/simblr..."
I am not the first creator who leaves there. I think it's time for me to move on as well.

Where did my uploads go?
As I announced on my facebookpage I moved all my custom content away from MTS as since New Year's 2022.
All custom content that I still support and is not obsolete is available on my blog.
Content that does not have a blogpost (not categorized on SFS yet) can be downloaded here: 
All content from MTS has been categorized on SFS (blogposts need to be made):
If you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to contact me:

General Policy:
1. For personal use only!
2. Only share the link to my work if you want to tell others about it.
2a. Don't upload my creations anywhere!
2b. Don't share my creations via personal messaging, emailing... 
3. Only custom content downloaded from my blog is supported by me.
4. Do NOT use my creations as a base to make edits and reupload, anywhere. (e.g. PTO careers)
5. When using my work in your pictures, please, give credit so people know where to download it.


  1. A creator had used one of my creations as a base without permission or giving proper credit and uploaded it to MTS. I reported it to the MTS staff and they said that the creator does not need to respect my policy for that kind of custom content. So they wouldn't do anything about it.
    I mean it's a big not done in the community to be so unrespectful to a creator's policy. But apparantly the staff of MTS doesnt care about a creator's policy.

  2. It's unfortunate to hear that you've faced challenges with ModTheSims, but it's great that you're taking control of your creative process. As a player who appreciates your work, I look forward to following your blog/simblr for future creations. It's important for creators to have the freedom to express their unique styles. Best of luck on your new platform!

  3. I totally get you. I’ve been following your stuff for a while and it’s kinda sad to see how tough things got with the rules at MTS. Moving your creations to your blog or Simblr is a smart move. I’ll keep checking it out to see what new stuff you make!


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