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Monday, October 24, 2016

New Tutorial: Create A New Pregnancyspan

Why just now?
A lot of people still ask me to create a new lifespan, universityspan, skillspan,.. to their liking. First I just didn't upload the spans anymore as it's hard to name them to keep them apart. But I still created the spans people asked me to do, I just didn't upload them anymore.
But as there are so many possibilities and so many people with different likings on this, I decided to write a tutorial about it so everyone can experiment to their own joy.
There are 7 tutorials. One for every span possible.

  1. New Tutorial: Create A New Pets Pregnancyspan
  2. New Tutorial: Create A New Pregnancyspan
  3. New Tutorial: Create A New Seasonspan
  4. New Tutorial: Create A New Universityspan
  5. New Tutorial: Create A New Lifespan
  6. New Tutorial: Create A New Skillspan
  7. New Tutorial: Create A New Petslifespan

So let's get started
First of all you need SimPE. The correct version can be found here:
You don't need a basic SimPE skill as this is very very simple to do.

You need EP3 OFB for this. I don't know why. It's just needed.
It might work without, because I think EP3 is needed because of the other values you can change and that it's not about the sims pregnancy.

First download this template:

When you open this mod, you'll see many many things you can change:

  • Press the Behaviour Constant (BCON) in the Resource Tree (on the left)
    • Go to Global Tuning
  • Then in Plugin View you can see a lot of lines. You only need to change the following lines:
    • Line 0x32 (50) Pregnancy - Hours Til Showing
    • Line 0x33 (51) Pregnancy - Hours Til Full Show
    • Line 0x34 (52) Pregnancy - Hours Til Birth
  • On the left you see Hex (for hexadecimal numbers) and Dec (for decimal numbers)
    • Just change the value (in hours) there and press the button Commit File (on the right)
In order to know what amount of hours you need to fill in, you have to do some mathematice.
In case of my Project Realistic Ages 1 month (which has the same values as the template) it's the following:
First trimester (impregnation to first morth): 50 hours (2 days and 2 hours)
Second trimester (first morth to second morth): 110 hours (4 days and 14 hours)
Third trimester (second morth to birth: 60 hours (2 days and 12 hours)

  • So Line 0x32 (50) is 50 hours
  • Line 0x33 (51) is 50+110 = 160 hours (in total from impregnation until Full Show)
  • Line 0x34 (52) is 50+110+60 = 220 hours (in total from impregnation until Birth)

That's it! Don't forget to save your package while giving it a new filename and test it out in game.
If you have any questions about this tutorial, don't hesitate to ask!

  • You can take a look and change other lines too, but that's at your own risk. The label says clearly what the value will change, though.
    • E.g.: Line 0x04 (4) changes the maximum number of family members

I hope you enjoyed this small tutorial and, please, follow my policy if you decide to share your package.

"I'm so proud of what I just made that I want to upload it. Can I?"
Only if you follow these terms:
  • Only upload on this blog or on MTS.
    • Not ever on a paysite (even if it has a free section) or to the exchange!
  • Credit me (LientebollemeiS2I) and this blog for the tutorial so others can learn how to create their own custom content.

If you have any questions about this policy, ask first!

Additional credits
It's very important that you credit the correct people when uploading. So, please, don't forget to credit Zirconia Wolf and also thank and link back to this blog if you decide to upload your creation.
All people who helped making this possible, Delphy, Inge Jones, Zirconia Wolf

I accept requests full time!
If you have a request please go here:

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