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Saturday, January 17, 2015

New tutorial: How to create a new book

If you have any problems, don't hesitate to ask! You can PM me on Facebook

In this tutorial I will explain how to create a new book by cloning an existing mesh so you can buy it from the catalog. You'll also learn how to recolor that cloned book. This is usefull for example if you create a Twilight book and then recolor it for the sequels (Now don't create twilight books, because I've already done that. It's just an example.)
I'm going to use the Twilight books in this tutorial. So you can see what I mean.

What you will need (see how to get it below):
A mesh of a book (or another object)
A paint program you can easily work with (this is a SimPE tutorial, I suppose that you already now how to change the image)
DDS Utility: Download + how to install in SimPE:

Let's get started
First you need to download SimPE here:
You need to download version SimPE 0.73.44 QA for everyone (April 11th,2009)

You also need to download an existing book. The policy of Nate94288 is very generous:
Feel free to use anything I've created in anything. All I request is you let them know you got it from me.
So you need to download his book Harry Potter:
You can choose which of the 14 meshes you will use. You only need one!

Open SimPE

  1. At the bottom you see several tabs.
  2. Go to the tab Object Workshop
  3. Press the button Open...
  4. And open the downloaded mesh

  1. At the right you see in orange Set Defaults
  2. Press that text to be sure defaults are set
  3. You see you can choose on the left under Task Clone or Recolor
  4. It's the first book we make so choose Clone
  5. Then press start.
  6. You need to type the following things:
    1. A title (Twilight)
    2. Add a price for your book
    3. And add a description (about Twilight)
  7. When you're done, press Finish
It can take a while before the package is made. Don't press anything! That will only slow down the progress!
  1. When the package has been made you'll see Scenegraph rename wizard
    1. ps-[Lientebollemeis-17.1.2015-113b1e]
    2. Change it into something like this: Twilight-[Lientebollemeis-17.1.2015-113b1e]
    3. Press update
    4. Then press Ok
  2. A Save As window will open.
    1. Give your package a name
      1. E.g.: MeshTwilight-S2I-20150117
  3. Now your package (new mesh) has been made, but you're not done yet!

Create your book
Go to the tab Plugin view
  1. At the left you see Resource tree
  2. Go to Object Data
  3. The name is still Harry Potter ...
  4. Press that name
  5. In the Plugin view screen you see several fields we need to change.
    1. First change Filename into the name of your book (Twilight)
    2. Then press Get GUID It's very important to give each object you make a unique GUID. The game can only show one object with the same GUID. So if your object has the same GUID as mine, they will overwrite eachother.
      1. After a few seconds a screen will open. Register new user if you don't have a GUID block yet.
      2. Then press Register object
    3. The window will close and then press commit in the Plugin view
In Object Data Editor you can also change the Catalog sort if you want to.

  1. Look at the Resource tree again and find (and press) Pie menu strings
  2. Scroll down and press the text Read Harry Potter...
  3. Now you can change that text into Read Twilight
  4. Don't forget to press Commit File on the right or you changes will not be saved.
  1. Now scroll down further in Resource tree
  2. And press Texture image
  3. In Resource List you find 5 of 6 images that need to be changed. (They all start with "cover")
    1. You see that all the 5 images are the same so you only need to change it once.
    2. You'll also see that both front and back cover of the book are mirrored.
  4. Press one file in Resource list (with "cover" in the name)
    1. Hover above the image and press the right mouse button
    2. Press Export and save the file.
    3. Open the file in a paint program and edit it to your wishes.

Changing the image
  1. Go back to SimPE and press the right mouse button on the image you need to change.
  2. Press Build DXT
  3. A window will open DDS Builder
    1. Open the image you have just made
    2. Change the format into DXT3Format
    3. Change sharpen into none
    4. Press Build
  4. Press with your right mouse button on the (new) image again and select Update all Sizes
    1. Do this for all the images you need to change (with "cover" in the name)
    2. Don't forget to press "Commit" every time!
Save your package and try it out in game!
If something went wrong, don't hesitate to ask! I'd love to help you and it will also help me to make the tutorial better!

To recolor
  1. Follow the the instructions of Open SimPE again, but instead of Clone select Recolor
  2. Then follow the instructions of Changing the image (Press Texture image)
    1. Do this for as many recolors as you want. (In Twilight's case 3 times as there are 4 books)
  3. If you have any problems, let me know.

"I'm so proud of what I just made that I want to upload it. Can I?"
Only if you follow these terms:

  1. Only upload on this blog or on MTS.
    1. Not ever on a paysite (even if it has a free section) or to the exchange!
  2. Credit Nate94288 with a link back to his MTS profile:
  3. Credit me (LientebollemeiS2I) and this blog for the tutorial so others can learn how to create their own book.
If you have any questions about this policy, ask first!

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