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Translated careers

Last Update: 2016-12-04

There are already a few people who are willing to translate several of my careers.
Here's the blogpost where I name them with the language they will translate the careers in.
If you also want to translate, please, go here: http://bit.ly/TranslateCareer

Brazilian Portuguese
- Psychologist - By Nicholas
Teen career Babysitter - by Thomaz

- Meteorology - By Lientebollemeis
Cosmetology - By Lientebollemeis
- Wedding Planner - By Lientebollemeis

- Veterinarian - By Lalynx

- Meteorology - By PalmBeach
- Rock Star - By Spinell
- Historian Of Art - By Newsjunkie
- Pro Wrestling - By Newsjunkie
- Banking - By Newsjunkie
- Adult Education NCIS - By Newsjunkie
Cosmetology - By Newsjunkie
- Prison Service - By Newsjunkie
- Plastic Surgeon - By Newsjunkie
- Teen Babysitter - By Newsjunkie
- Marine Biologist - By PalmBeach
- Grilled Cheese - By PalmBeach
- Steampunk - By Julia
- Psychologist - By PalmBeach
- Teen career Helping Hand - By Mona1863
Teen career Fashion - By Mona1863
Teen career Cheerleader - By Mona1863
- Teen career Ballerina - By Mona1863
- Teen career Pop Star - By Mona1863

- Photography - By Jopybibear

Cosmetology - By ValerieAnderson
Psychologist - By ValerieAnderson
Broadcast Journalism - By Arres_oja
Rock Star - By Arres_oja
- Estate Agent - By XxAmaranthiumxX

- Mafia - By tlrtja
- Grilled Cheese - By tlrtja

- Teen career Babysitter - by Jaquiele
- Banking - by Asenata

- Teen career Ballerina - By Shana
- Teen career Cheerleader - By Mhery
- Teen career Fame - By Shana

- Grilled Cheese - By Ginchan_Salin

P.S.: If I forgot someone/something, please, let me know.

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