All creations can be found here:
in the same structure as the labels on the right.
Even when the downloadlink in the blogpost doesn't work.

When SimFileShare is not available, please, let me know which creation(s) you wish to download!
Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
Happy simming!


Download everything (last update: 2023-09-26)

To easily have an overview of all the custom content I made for The Sims 2, please, go to SimFileShare:
There you can also see the file Sims2Idea's Creations Guide v20230822.pdf
Download it here directly:
The guide is updated regulary (by average once every month)

It took me quite some time, but all blogposts should have an updated link now. Also all my MTS creations have now been moved to SFS: and have been put in the correct subfolder. The names of the subfolders are based on the (sub)categories at MTS to be found easily.
If you still cannot find something that you know I (might) have created, please, contact me!

What's below is outdated, though until september 2019 still correct

    Last update: 2019-09-08

    • Date: The date it was officially (supported) published (meaning on S2I)
    • Mesh/EP: The link to the Mesh if any is needed or the EP needed
    • MTS: ModTheSims
    • S2I: Sims 2 Idea
    • Date/Update: The date it was last updated (on S2I)
      • Orange: Updated in the last month
      • Blue: Upcoming creation. Link will work from this day (mostly about S2I)
    • PTO: Paid Time Off
    • CC: Chancecards
    • Text in red: Creation uploaded but needs updating (E.g.: New residence upload furnished but not yet unfurnished.
    • Text in bold: Meaning that it will be uploaded on MTS and/or S2I in the future.

    Older creations