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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

New Insiminator option explained: Social Adjustor

Where do I download the insiminator?
- You can download it here: Downloads
- The Insiminator is compatible with ALL expansions.
Where do I find it in game?
Elektronics ---> All

Social adjustor

For this adjustor there are following options:

  • Lot Jealousy
    • Turn off the jealousy on your lot.
  • New Name
    • Change the first name of a sim.
  • Fix Appearance
    • Choose between these two:
      • Make Over
        • Change appearance  (like the mirror does)
      • Face Lift
        • Choose the sim you want to give a plastic surgery (like the CAS-screen)
  • Tanning
    • Change the tanning level.
  • Gestures
    • Add or remove gestures your sims can use.
  • Timer
    • Make the timer for parties, a date,... longer or shorter.
  • Influence Level
    • Change the influence level.
  • Influence Points
    • Change the influence points level

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