Just a way of showing an extra big thank you

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Just a way of showing an extra big thank you.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

New food: Orange Cake

I start to like creating new cakes (or existing ones but with my own textures). Huge thanks to the custom food videotutorial by TheNinthWave.
Without it I couldn't create this. It's cloned from the layer cake and I used the Strawberry Cream Cake from TheNinthWave as a reference. His policy allows that.


Basic information
It's cloned from the layer cake so it acts as such, meaning:
Needed cooking skill: 6
Available for lunch and dinner
Found under S2I Food.../Serve Dessert.../Orange Cake

Can you make more food items?
Yes, I can, but I won't create them by request as I'm not confident enough in the matter. The chance is very huge that you ask something I can't create.
These cakes are quite simple to make if you follow TheNinthWave's tutorial. I suggest you try it yourself.
You can also do a suggestion and it might give me some ideas.
How is the food of S2I Organized?http://bit.ly/FAQFoodS2IOrganized

More questions
Let me know in the comment section. I'll be glad to help.
Please, provide as much information as you can (maybe with a screenshot).
The more information you give me about a question/problem the better I can help.

Need for improvement
Looking at this cake and the Bresilienne Cake I made, I started thinking the cake is quite high. Do you think the same?
I might give it a try to alter the mesh if enough people feel the same. (I don't want to do that in vain).
Let me know in the comment section. Thanks!

Additional Credits:
TheNinthWave videotutorial (which has been removed in the meantime)

I accept requests full time!
If you have a request please go here: bit.ly/p9ymWC

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