Tuesday, June 05, 2018

New Food: Fettuccine With Tomato Sauce - Fast & Healthy Cooking Project

Well, after finishing a part of The School Project, I am back (or at least for some dishes) on creating food (but there are also other creations upcoming).
This Fettuccine With Tomato Sauce is part of Group 3 - Main Courses
It's a very suitable dish if you have little time to shop and cook!

I found some old recipes of my mother and I want my sims to be able to eat them too.
Since there are many many recipes I want to recreate as sims food, I named it Fast & Healthy Cooking project. You can find an overview here: http://s2idownloads.blogspot.be/p/all-creations.html


The plate is a default replacement by GreenEyedSims found here: 


Basic information
It's cloned from Maxis' spaghetti and so it acts as such.
(I recommend Variable Meal Servings by Neder)
Available for lunch.
Found under Have Lunch.../S2I's "Name of the food"

Can you make more food items?
Yes, I can do recolors of existing food (Maxis or my custom food)
This food is quite simple to make if you follow my tutorial: http://s2idownloads.blogspot.be/2016/08/new-tutorial-how-to-create-custom-food.html
I suggest you try it yourself first before asking.
How is the food of S2I Organized?http://bit.ly/FAQFoodS2IOrganized

More questions
Let me know in the comment section. I'll be glad to help.
Please, provide as much information as you can (maybe with a screenshot).
The more information you give me about a question/problem the better I can help.

Fast and Healthy Cooking (Snel en gezond koken)
The plate is a default replacement by GreenEyedSims found here:

Please, don't upload these creations anywhere. If you want to share them, share by the button Twitter, Facebook,...
Or share this link anywhere: http://bit.ly/fSnciT

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