All new careers (and updated old careers) I made are in different versions (Default PTO7, PTO3 and PTO5). Now finally after many years it has been made possible to create a global mod for PTO3 and PTO5.
So if you'd like to have PTO3 or PTO5 versions of my careers.
Please, go here to download the global mod:
You can keep the PTO3 or PTO5 versions you already have in your downloadfolder. You don't need to redownload the career.

If you have any questions, you can contact me by Facebook Messenger (sidebar on this blog).

About & Policy

Please give credit with a link when using my work. (e.g. PTO in careers/conversions)
Ask me first before modifying/using/converting. (e.g. PTO in careers)
Let me know if you use my work. (e.g. PTO in careers)

General terms:
  • Only share the link to my work. Don't upload my creations anywhere!
  • Don't modify my work without permission. Just send me a PM.
  • Do NOT use my creations as a base to make edits/conversions and reupload, anywhere.
  • When using my work in your pictures, please, give credit (name and link to my blog) so people know where to download it.

General terms modifying/using/converting/uploading:
  • Ask me before modifying.
    • I can help you with creating if you want.
    • Do Not upload my creations (modified or not) anywhere!
  • Please give credit with a link (back to my blog: when using my work.

General terms using in screenshots/stories/movies/...:
  • Let me know when you use my work in screenshots,...
  • Please give credit with a link (back to my blog: when using my work.

General terms recolours:
  • You may not include with Lots.
  • You may not include with Sims.
  • Do not recolour / can not be recoloured
  • Do not re-use my textures for unrelated projects.

About Lientebollemeis
  • Birthday: 11/29/1988
  • Interests: The Sims 2
  • Hair: Brunette
  • Favorite Food: Italian
  • Housing: House
  • Listens To: Rock'n Roll
  • Personality: Generous
  • Starsign: Sagittaurius

Special thanks to:
I would like to thank the following people for giving me new ideas and helping me while creating:

  • MogHughson as it's because of her postal system that I started creating.
  • Nate94288 who gave me the idea to create new books.
  • TheNinthwave for helping me out when I had troubles making something new and for allowing me to post on his blog too.
  • A lot of other creators who helped me as they gave me new ideas to make more creations. So thank you!
  • All the downloaders and people who support me to keep creating. If it wasn't for such nice comments I would have stopped uploading them a long time ago. So thank you everyone!

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