Sunday, February 18, 2018

New Idea: The School Project - Part 2

This idea becomes a bit more specific as I am almost ready to upload the first career. So I thought it might be time to give you some short info on the school system in Belgian. It's just some info you need to know to understand the careers I am creating for teen sims.

There are 4  general types in secondary school. Each type has different directions. I won't create a teen career for  everyone of those different directions because then I have to create +250 careers. Only for the general type I followed myself I will create all the careers for the directions you can follow in my old high school. For the other types I will limit it to the most common ones and combine them a bit (E.g.: Ballet and modern ballet are two different directions and I would combine them then to 1 teen career).
Also there's an abreviation of every of those general types. I put it in bold in the overview below. It's the abreviation I will use to indicate to which general type the teen career belongs.

Secondary school in Belgium is divided into four general types. Each type consists of a set of different directions that may vary from school to school. The general types are as follows:
- General Secondary Education (Dutch: Algemeen Secundair Onderwijs; ASO) (The type I followed myself in the direction Economics-Math)
- Technical Secondary Education (Dutch: Technisch Secundair Onderwijs; TSO)
- Vocational Secondary Education (Dutch: Beroepssecundair Onderwijs; BSO)
- Art Secondary Education (Dutch: Kunstsecundair Onderwijs; KSO)

I found this info (translated in English) here:
You can find there more information on the Belgian School System.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I understand this is totally new if you don't know Flanders, but as I said before, I want to create these careers for my own sims.

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