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New Project: Realistic Ages 1 month

This is a project that I really like. I made it long ago, but now I think it's perfect enough to upload here.
I understand that there will be people who would like to see different spans for the different ages as I made.
Feel free to request a different span:
Or take a look at the different tutorials on my blog to create these mods yourself: Label: Tutorial - All

Update 2016-10-17
I have created a pet pregnancyspan that suits this project. You can find it here:


Ages Sims (no EP's needed):
Baby: Ages 0 – 1 (12*(1-0))=12 Days
Toddlers: Ages 1 – 6 (12*(6-1))=60 Days
Children: Ages 6 – 13 (12*(13-6))=84 Days
Teens: Ages 13 – 19 (12*(19-13))=72 Days
Adults: Ages 19 – 65 (12*(65-19))=552 Days
Elder: Ages +65
Total of baby to adult: 780 days/12 = 65 years
Elder ("Between": the game choses this randomly):
Platinum aspiration: Between 95,42 and 87,92 years old
Gold aspiration: Between 86,67 and 79,17 years old
Green aspiration: Between 79,17 and 71,67 years old
No aspiration: Between 78,33 and 70,83 years old
Red aspiration: Between 65,83 and 73,33 years old

Skills (no EP's needed):
5 to 6 hours to gain a skillpoint

University (UNI needed):
Sims stay in University for ten months. That's 5 months per semester.
Within this project that's 120 hours per semester.

Pregnancy (OFB needed):
Maxis' pregnancy duration (24 hours in a day):
First trimester (impregnation to first morth): 25 hours (1 day and 1 hour)
Second trimester (first morth to second morth): 25 hours (1 day and 1 hour)
Third trimester (second morth to birth: 25 hours (1 day and 1 hour)

Project Realistic Ages (1simsday=1realmonth) pregnancy duration (24 hours in a day):
First trimester (impregnation to first morth): 50 hours (2 days and 2 hours)
Second trimester (first morth to second morth): 110 hours (4 days and 14 hours)
Third trimester (second morth to birth: 60 hours (2 days and 12 hours)

Ages pets (Pets needed):
Kitten: 12 days (1 year)
Adult cat: 157 days (about 13 years)
Puppy: 12 days (1 year)
Adult large dog: 121 days (about 10 years)
Adult small dog: 145 days (about 12 years)
Elder cat and dog: 36 days (3 years)

Seasons (Seasons needed):
Every season lasts 3 days as there are 3 months in 1 season.

This is the complete project. Be sure to delete the mods of the EP's you do not have!

The Lifespan doesn't work:

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Additional Credits:
All people who helped making this possible, Delphy, Inge Jones, Zirconia Wolf

I accept requests full time!
If you have a request please go here:

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