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Sunday, June 02, 2013

New remake Sims 3 Ambitions: Architecture

This is a remake of the known Maxis' (EA Games) career.
It's not available in The Sims 2 Base Game.




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A lot of people asked to create this and finally I remade them all.
Here's an overview of all the remade careers (+ more information on how and why I made this).

I also accept requests full time!
If you have a request please go

All people who requested one or several of these careers
EA Games and Maxis
This site without I couldn't create this (all information about careers SPOILER!)
-- (I'm not responsible for changes on this site. If something is not the same as the careers I made that's because it has been changed in the meantime.)

I do NOT  take any credit for the levels, descriptions, promotional skills needed, etc. as they are just taken from the Maxis' careers. I tried my best with everything I could not supply from the Maxis career.

Please, don't upload these careers anywhere. If you want to share them, share by the button Twitter, Facebook,...
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  1. I'm sorry, but I have a problem with this career. I don't know why. Everytime when I want to play in a university Neighborhood my game crashes. When I delete the Career, my game works fine. I have the german version of the game. I have many careers from you in my game, till now everything is okay. Does this career conflict with maxis architecture career? Or have you make this career diffrent from the others? Or have you any idea whats wrong? I hope you can fix this, I want this career so much..

  2. I'm sorry to hear you have troubles with one of my careers. It should not conflict with anything as I always create my careers in the same way.
    Have you tried to play the game with only this career in your downloadfolder? The anygamestarter by numenor might help
    What crashing error do you get?

  3. When I delete the file , my game works. It also crashes in create a family or elsewhere in the game. I don't try it before. The error I get in German: "Die Anwendung ist abgestürzt und wird nun beendet". Translated in english (I'm not sure if its correct): "The application has been crashed and will now be terminated"

  4. Have you tried to play the game with only the career in your downloadfolder and nothing else like I asked before? The anygamestarter by numenor might help
    That's the way I always test every creation I ever made.
    It's important information I need to know before I can help you any further.

  5. Now I tried the career with anything else and it works. So I was searching and I think I found the problem. It seems to conflict with a other career I downloaded. When I deleted this other career the game works fine, too. But together it won't work. So I decided to delete the other and play yours. :-) Sorry for the trouble.
    I don't if its okay to post it, but this is career that seems not work with it:

  6. I can't find this in your SFS folders? =\

    1. That's correct. The career needs to be updated. When it does, I'll upload it to SFS and update the blogpost here.


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