Monday, August 28, 2017

New Idea: Jailhouse Rock

This is a new idea to play based on the movie Jailhouse Rock. It's told in my own words translated to how to play in the sims (I have The sims 2 in mind when writing this). So it's not exactly the same as the real Jailhouse Rock movie of Elvis Presley, but it's how I would play it.

Jailhouse Rock 
A guy gets into fights a lot and has to go to prison (you can play this with the prison of simlogical).
In prison he learns to play guitar and he performs for his mates.
They have a lot of fun. They have a party (the Jailhouse Rock) and even the warden is in it.
After prison he tries to make a career with singing, performing and starring in movies.
On the set of a movie he meets a girl. He has a fight with her about money but they get together again in the end.

Elvis Presley's Jailhouse Rock

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