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Sunday, November 25, 2018

New Videotutorial: Registering GUID in SimPE

When you want to create new objects, food, careers,... for The Sims 2 you need a program called SimPE and you need to commit a new GUID to your creation (otherwise it will overwrite existing creations).
Long time ago when commiting a GUID to a creation in SimPE it also registered the creation in the SimPE database automatically. But now it doesn't go automatically anymore so you need to register the creation on SimPE website yourself.

In this video I explain how to register a new GUID in SimPE. This is the last videotutorial on this subject so now you can have as many GUIDs as you want and you know where to find them, register them 'both SimPE and the website) and keep generating new ones.

Website (+program) SimPE:


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