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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

New Idea: Mixer Trait

I know traits are not possible in TS2 as they are in TS4, but with some workarounds everything is possible in these games. So this is a new trait for your sims.

The original idea for this thread (for TS4) can be found here:

In The Sims 4
  1. Sims will become Energized after a relationship boost.
  2. Sims’ Social need will decay a lot faster than usual.
  3. Sims will have the same Moodlet changes as those with the Outgoing trait.

In The Sims 2
You need insiminator (or sth like that) for this to work
  1. You can give your sims more energy with the motive adjustor of the insiminator.
  2. You can change the social needs of your sim with the insiminator
  3. I think the Pleasure Aspiration is very suitables for a sim with the Mixer trait

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