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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

New Idea: Friends - The One With the Worst Best Man Ever - S4E22

In general the idea is to give you one episode per blogpost. In every blogpost I'll shortly describe what happens with the six main characters of Friends in that certain episode. SPOILER
You can then play this in the game as you wish.
The blogpost about the personality, family tree,... of the six main characters in general is found here:

General happenings season 4:
In the fourth-season premiere, Ross and Rachel briefly reconcile after Ross pretends to read a long letter that Rachel wrote for him, but continues to insist that the two were on a break so they break up again. Joey dates Kathy (Paget Brewster), a girl that Chandler has a crush on. Kathy and Chandler later kiss, which causes drama between Chandler and Joey. Joey forgives Chandler only after he spends a day in a box as punishment. Phoebe becomes a surrogate mother for her brother and his wife Alice (Debra Jo Rupp). Monica and Rachel are forced to switch apartments with Joey and Chandler after losing a bet during a quiz game, but manage to switch back by bribing them with Knicks season tickets and a one-minute kiss (off-screen) between the girls. Ross begins dating an English woman named Emily (Helen Baxendale), and the season finale features their wedding in London. Chandler and Monica sleep together, and Rachel decides to attend Ross and Emily's wedding. While saying his vows, Ross uses the wrong name at the altar (Rachel's), to the shock of his bride and the guests.

The One With the Worst Best Man Ever - S4E22
Phoebe suffers from a small bladder, mood swings, kicking babies, false labor, and other pregnancy woes. Ross has to choose whether Joey or Chandler will be his best man; he chooses Joey, which seems okay until after the bachelor party when the wedding ring is missing. Believing the stripper (whom Joey slept with) took it, they mistakenly confront her; however, it turns out it was taken by a different bird. Monica and Rachel plan a baby shower for Phoebe, but decide not to give her baby-stuff because she won't be keeping the babies; unfortunately, this plan doesn't go over very well.


They try to comfort Phoebe with gifts she can use after she gets the babies. But Phoebe is still mad and sad that she can't keep them. She will be a fun aunt though.


The girls are not invited to the bachelor party of Ross. So she says they're not invited to the babyshower for Phoebe.


She says she's not but she totally has a lot of moodswings. She gets made at the babyshower because she can't keep the babies.


He (of course) sleeps with the stripper, but in the morning she is gone and so is Ross' ring. They lure the stripper to Chandler's office to confront her about the ring, but she didn't steal it. The duck did.


He's feeling bad he's not Ross' best man and asks Gunther to be his. He laughs at Joey for losing the ring and rushes over to the vet for getting the ring out of the duck's stomach.


Normally Chandler would be his best man, but in the end he chooses Joey. He asks for no stripper at his bachelor party, but he's glad Joey didn't listen.
After getting the ring back he decides he wants both Joey and Chandler as his best man.


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