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Saturday, August 03, 2019

Announcement Challenge Come Dine With Me at =The Sims 2=

Change of Facebook group!

Facebook group =The Sims 2=

Most of you probably know my Facebook group Sims 2 Idea.
But I am also a moderator of the group =The Sims 2=
Even though I won't delete the group Sims 2 Idea, I recommend to join =The Sims 2= instead as I am much more online in that group and I barely post my creations and other blogposts in Sims 2 Idea anymore.
I post them all in =The Sims 2= where a lot of people talk about the game, share info and cc, solve problems,... There's even an Off Topic section.
So come join 
=The Sims 2= now!

Not only that!
We wrote the group's first challenge for the group's first anniversary.
Come Dine With Me!

This challenge consists out of four parts (4 times 2 weeks) because tehre are four sims who are having a contest among each other.
Now the third part is available!

So come join =The Sims 2= on Facebook so you can participate in this fun challenge!

(P.S.: It's not a contest among other players. It's a challenge for yourself and a contest among four of your own sims)
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