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Saturday, July 21, 2012

New FAQ: The lifespan doesn't work

All the lifespans I made work, even though a lot of people say it doesn't work in their game.

When you put the lifespan in you downloadfolder and you start the game, you won't see any change.
The sim has to grow up first, and then you'll see the different (from default) amount of days left.
New made sims (after the mod is intalled) will be effected from the start. They don't need to grow up first.
There is also a mod so the lifespan works right away so there's no need to grow up the sim:

Lifespan for plantsims
When a sim turns into a plantsim he/she will keep the lifespan of the stage he/she was in right before it turned into a plantsim. When the plantsim grows up, the lifespan will change in the span of the download.

Petslifespan and Universityspan
This is the same (as the lifespan) with Pets and University.

Sims who are pregnant at the moment you put the pregnancyspan in your downloadfolder, won't be effected. New pregnant sims will be effected.
The pregnancyspanmod has some other BCON's in the package too. If it the span doesn't work, please, contact me personally:

This should work immediatly.

Normally this should work immediatly like the skillspan. If not, wait a few days until the season changes.

Be sure you only have one lifespan at a time in your downloadfolder!
If you have a lifespan only for plantsims don't download another one for normal sims. You'll have to choose.

Be sure you only have one petslifespan at a time in your downloadfolder!
Be sure you only have one universityspan at a time in your downloadfolder!
Be sure you only have one pregnancyspan at a time in your downloadfolder!
Be sure you only have one skillspan at a time in your downloadfolder!
Be sure you only have one seasonspan at a time in your downloadfolder!

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