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Just a way of showing an extra big thank you.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Conversion: Photography (requested)

Before you download this career, you need to download the Careers mod from Twallan here: 
Patch 1.31~1.36: The Careers - Phase Ten 
Patch 1.38: The Careers - Phase Eleven for this career to show up in-game! 
Lientebollemeis asked me to convert some of her Sims 2 careers and I was very happy to do that! So this is one of her careers, Photographer!
It was requested for Sims 2 by Maxine190899.
You find here a conversion for the Sims 3. So any additional texts, info etc are by me, but the original idea is from Lientebollemeis and Maxine190899.

Here is the full information for the career for Sims 3. The career has 10 levels and is located at the Business and Journalism Offices. It has one custom tone, Take Photos of Coworkers, which builds the Photography skill. 


Career Levels
Photography Career ~ Love taking photos of anything and everything, from that vase of flowers in the hallway, to your best friend dancing drunkenly at the pub last night? Maybe you’ve even had aspirations to become a wedding photographer, or even simply to be paid for the time and effort involved in each photo. This is the career path for you!

Technical Stuff:
This career was made with patch 1.38 and should work with all lower patches. It requires the Base Game and World Adventures to work (since that was the expansion the Photography skill came with) and should work with any other combination of expansion and stuff packs. It works in my game but if you have problems, let me know :)

Since I'm not fluent in any language other than English, the career is only written in the one language. So if you're interested in translating, download the Language Strings file and open it in Notepad.


<STR>Translate This Text</STR>

Do that for the entire file :)

Career: http://sdrv.ms/QOK7pv
Translating: http://sdrv.ms/QCGxl6

Credit to:
Lientebollemeis, Maxine190899 and the creators of s3pe

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