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Monday, September 24, 2012

New FAQ: More help for doing a career request

Update: 2015-07-25

The way of requesting has changed a lot in the past 5 years.
From a simple form to fill out, which people can reach all the time, it's developed to an excelfile on Google Docs (not everyone has MS Office), which I provide from the moment the requester contacts me.
This way I have personal contact with the requester which makes it easier to help with the request. The requester needs to want the career enough to put some effort in it.
The way the file is build gives the requester the chance to see if the career is accepted or not. The file tells you that the request is accepted or not while you're filling it out.
The only reason why a request can be rejected (if the file says the request is accepted): is spelling and grammar.
The file can't check that by itself.

So I still check following things: 
  • Spelling and grammar:
    • I read the descriptions very quickly. If I see just the one mistake, I stop looking further.
      • Punctuation (at the end of a sentence)
      • Do the sentences make any sense?
      • Apostrophe's (you are = you're; your = your)
      • No abbreviations (kinda, gonna,...)
      • Capital letter (Begin of sentence, countries,...)
      • Form of the sentence
  • Descriptions:
    • This is mostly based on MTS's rules. They reject careers for this:
      • Growth in the career
      • Creativity
      • No repetition (like the word now or you)
      • Length of description (at least 4 sentences, (long enough))

This is all found very clearly in the instructions on the file too. A Lot of requests have been accepted so there are people who do follow the instructions correctly.

The form is made in such a way it's nearly impossible to have a reason for rejection.
You need to check two main things. If these are good, the request is accepted and uploaded asap:

  • Spelling and grammar
  • Creativity (length + growth)


  1. Mind if I borrow some of these ideas? I just set up guidelines for requests and I like your ideas. Would that be all right? :)

  2. No problem at all! I'm delighted to know you like the ideas.

  3. I like that you are now using Google Docs to do this sort of thing, I think it is a great idea
    note can not get Google one to work as I have more than one Google account and I can't get the 2nd one to work, which is me, sorry


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