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Thursday, February 04, 2016

New Discussion: The first time ever to play The Sims 2

The first time ever I played the Sims 2 myself (so not with a friend) was about in the year 2007 or 2008. I don't even remember that well.
What I do remember is what I played the first time. I made Harry Potter's father, James Potter as a replica of Harry, but then as an adult and other eyes.
Then I made Harry's mother like I imagined her when reading the books, but with the eyes of Harry.
When playing James and Lily together, they tried for a baby.
My point was to test the genetics given to their offspring. (If you hadn't figured thatout yet.)
I was in luck that their first baby was a boy. Named Harry of course.
And when he grew up to be a child I gave him glasses (round ones of course).
You'd never believe he was a complete resemblance of his father, except for his eyes. He had his mother eyes.
And my first little experiment with genetics worked.
I was happy.

So now you can leave a comment with your first memory of playing The Sims 2.
I'm curious to read your story!

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