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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

New teen career: ASA - Sports - 3x3

It always bothered me that teens can't have a hobby like being in a sport club.
With the career in the series ASA – Sports they can.
So actually all sports careers are the same (except for the name of the sport).
I have made the descriptions this general because I don't have any experience with any of these sports. I don't want to write mistakes about these sports so the general approach was the best. If you really want other descriptions for a more detail approach, feel free to request and provide the information to me:

I have made this in two versions (in the same zipfile): Original and expensive
All careers (expensive and original) have different GUIDs. You can use them all together or apart in your game.

 a variation of basketball played on a half court with just three players in each team.



The expensive version
More wealthy families have something to spend their money on.
Level 1: -150
Level 2: -100
Level 3: 70 (to not earn it back right away)

Motive changes
I added some motive changes to fit gameplay more. Like when doing a sport or fun rises and does not go down as before.



Level 1
Title The bench
Description Like with all things, when you start something you need to learn the basics. The basics in a sport is the bench. You watch the others train and play a match. It's up to you to show the trainer you are worth it to join in the training and the competition. Work on your logic and body so the trainer sees what you're capable of.
Wages -15
Days Wednesday Friday Saturday
Starthour 18.00
Working hours 2.00
Outfit Everyday
Carpool Taxi

Level 2
Title Training
Description The trainer saw you really want to earn your place in the competition and decided to give you a chance. You are not there though. The training is hard work and if you don't keep up and work on your body, you'll be back on the bench in no time.
Wages -10
Days Wednesday Friday Saturday
Starthour 18.00
Working hours 2.00
Outfit Everyday
Carpool Town Car
Cooking + -
Mechanical + -
Body + 1
Charisma + -
Creativity + -
Logic + 1
Cleaning + -
Friends + -

Level 3
Title Competition
Description Competition is in your blood. The trainer noticed that too and decided to give you a chance to play in the competition. Everyone has high hopes for you to win this competition. You have finally achieved what you have worked for so long and so hard. Keep up the good work and don't blow your chances.
Wages 70
Days Saturday Sunday
Starthour 14.00
Working hours 2.00
Outfit Everyday
Carpool Sports Team Bus
Cooking + -
Mechanical + -
Body + 2
Charisma + -
Creativity + -
Logic + 0
Cleaning + -
Friends + -

Original icon
Justification As far as I know there are no after school activities for the sims 2 teens while there are a lot of people doing sport after school. This would be a great addon. You don't earn money when you sport after school, but you pay (like in real life). It's not much and when reaching the highest level, you can earn it back easily. I don't know much (actually almost nothing) about sports so you won't read anything tactical about the different sports. Just general descriptions. It's just the idea that the sims can have these after school activities that counts for me. So I just made it the way I see the career should be made. I can understand some of you will have another opinion. So feel free to request a new teen career here:

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Additional Credits:
Wooden UI by Calidan (MTS)
Job Seeking Board by Moghughson (MTS)

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