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Thursday, August 18, 2016

New (sub)Tutorial: Creating Food Changing Dish and Dish Serve

This is a follow up subtutorial on the tutorial to learn how to create food:

Some extra things to change and to find out on your own
  • As I'm not completly advanced in this matter, I'll just give you some hints to discover how to make some extra changes, like using a custom dish,...
  • As a teacher I believe that you learn much more if you try to discover it yourself and if you're in doubt, ask the teacher (sometimes best before trying). That's another reason why this part is not (or not entirely) included in the videotutorial.
  • These things are to try at your own risk, 'cause I have no experience with testing these things.
    • Because of the latest issues with changing a fork into a spoon, I won't explain that until the issue is completly solved. For the time being I'll also change the clutlery for the ice cream I made back to a fork.
  • A piece of advice: read the text below the operands carefully and look at what changes when you change an operand value.
  • It's much harder to explain where to find things than I thought so for all the things you need to find out for yourself, I made short videos to help you out further.
Video found here:
CT - Factory - Dish Serve
  • In this BHAV on the second line (0x1) you can change the dish in which the food is served.
    • You need to change the operands into the GUID of the serving dish the same way as you changed the menu and food GUID.
    • Which means you have to packagefiles to share. One for the serving dish and one for the food itself.
  • E.g.: I use this to attach the bucket of the ice-cream (which is the serving dish) I made to the ice-cream itself (I hope this sentence makes sense a bit).
    • As you might know, with an ice-cream upload I share two files: the bucket itself (which you only need to download once) and the food (the ice-cream)
CT - Factory - Dish
  • Same method as the CT - Factory - Dish Serve, but then use the GUID for the custom plate. Which means you have again two files to share/have in your downloadfolder.
    • I haven't made custom food with custom plates (yet). So I don't really have an example on how to do so.

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