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Saturday, January 28, 2017

TS4 New Aging Mod Update: Until 70

This mod has been updated to the Toddler patch!

With every sims game every player loves to play with a lifespan most suitable for his/her game. That's why kaichen04 requested this lifespan.
Short divides the lengths in half. Long doubles the lengths.

I understand that there will be people who would like to see different spans for the different ages as this one.
I wrote a tutorial to help you make your own lifespan:

Lifespan changes

This mod edits the AgeTuning XML, and will conflict with any other mod that does the same.
There are already some other versions of the AgeTuning XML so remember this!

Update January 21, 2017
If your game is updated to the Toddler patch or above, then you need the updated version. (The older versions are still available).

Unzip the archive and place the .package file in your Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods folder.

Or if you haven't done this yet, do the following first:
1. - Drop the .package in /Mods as usual
2. - Make an empty folder named "unpackedmod" in /Mods
3. - In your resource.cfg, add the line

DirectoryFiles unpackedmod autoupdate

(i.e.: open that file in a text editor and add the line "DirectoryFiles unpackedmod autoupdate" (without quotes) underneath whatever other text it has.)

Thanks to Plasticbox for the instructions

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Additional Credits
S4PE and Dark Gaia who kindly gave permission to use his mod as a base

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