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Just a way of showing an extra big thank you.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

New FAQ: How to let a teen or elder have an adult job (and the other way around)?

This is way simpler than you'd think.
You just need a mod that a sim can change in age.
I use the insiminator to do that, but feel free to use another mod.

What you need first
The insiminator is found here: http://s2idownloads.blogspot.be/2010/05/other-mods-insiminator.html
Download the OBJ edition and use the hourglas to change your sims' ages.
The Job Board made by MogHughson will make it easier to find the career you want to give your sim: http://bit.ly/1gyed0N

Give your teen or elder an adult job:

  • Make your teen or elder an adult.
  • Find the adult career you want for your sim.
  • Make your adult sim a teen (or elder) again.
Now your teen/elder has an adult career.

This also works the other way around

Give your adult sim a teen/elder job:

  • Make your adult sim a teen again (or elder).
  • Find the teen/elder career you want for your sim.
  • Make your teen (elder) sim an adult again.
Now your adult sim has a teen/elder career.

Known issues
Of course such tweaking the game goes never "unpunished".
The issue I noticed is that when changing a sims' age, their face sometimes becomes blue. Let them change their appearance in the mirror (you don't need to change anything, just the dialogue needs to appear) and your sim has a normal face again.

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