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Saturday, April 07, 2018

New Idea: Married At First Sight

The TV-show Married At First Sight in Belgium brought me to an idea.
With mods it's certainly possible for letting two sims, who don't know eachother, be married and live together as strangers.
I'd use The Insiminator to do this. These following objects of the Insim are the ones that I would use:

  • The Summoner: To summon the bride and groom. Make sure you pick to sims who haven't met.
  • The Relations Adjustor: To adjust their relationship, meaning giving them the married flag, but leaving short and long term relationship at zero.
  • Do this on a lot where you want the two of them to live together or at the house of the husband or the wife (like in the TV-show).
  • Maybe you only need the Relations Adjustor (of the insim or another mod) and you can create two adults in CAS who need to live together as husband and wife.

I really hope you like this idea. I think I will enjoy playing it.

P.S.: I am certain this can be possible for TS3 and TS4 too, but I don't know about mods for those games.

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