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Saturday, April 21, 2018

New TS4 Career: Flight Attendant (by Marlynsims)

The Sims 4 Flight Attendant Career! [10 Career Levels]

A flight attendant's job is to ensure emergency equipment is working on planes, that the cabin is clean and hygenic, and that there is an appropriate supply of food and drinks on board. Additionally, flight attendants must ensure passengers are happy, and will greet them as they board the aircraft and will direct them towards their seats. Flight attendants will fly all around the world during their job, and see many exciting sights. Although they do not stop off at the destination for very long, they still get a chance to have a quick look around. Do you want to explore the world whilst earning money? Maybe this is the perfect job for you! Join us today at SimSky Airport!

Comes with custom chance cards, career tones & buffs!
The chance cards are part written by me, part original. The career tones & buffs were created by me.

Download here [x]

This career is a re-creation of lientebollemeis' TS2 career (with permission) found here [x]
Lientebollemeis' MTS profile [x]

Please do not re-upload or claim as your own, do not make any changes & if you use it in your game and post screenies, tag me as I'd love to see.



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