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New Idea: Friends - The One With a Chick And a Duck - S3E21

In general the idea is to give you one episode per blogpost. In every blogpost I'll shortly describe what happens with the six main characters of Friends in that certain episode. SPOILER
You can then play this in the game as you wish.
The blogpost about the personality, family tree,... of the six main characters in general is found here: http://bit.ly/FriendsGeneralMain

General happenings season 3:
Season three takes on a significantly greater serialized format. Rachel begins working at Bloomingdale's, an upscale department store chain, and Ross becomes jealous of her colleague, Mark. Rachel decides to take a break; and Ross, hurt and drunk, sleeps with someone else, causing Rachel to break up with him. In the meantime, Chandler has a hard time dealing with their breakup because it reminds him of his parents' divorce. After believing she has no family except her twin sister Ursula (Lisa Kudrow), Phoebe becomes acquainted with her half-brother (Giovanni Ribisi) and birth mother (Teri Garr). Joey develops a relationship with his acting partner Kate (Dina Meyer), and Monica begins a relationship with millionaire Pete Becker (Jon Favreau) which ends because of disagreements between the two.

The One With a Chick And a Duck - S3E21
The diner where Monica works puts their staff on roller-skates; Monica crashes into Rachel while skating; Rachel's injuries are worse than first believed. Pete buys a restaurant and offers Monica a job as head chef; she's unsure whether to take it, since she still isn't attracted to Pete. Pete makes up a story about another woman so Monica will think he's over her; Phoebe sees right through it but promises not to tell Monica. Joey buys a pet chick for Chandler, but caring for it becomes a source of conflict. Ross has a chance to be on TV as part of a panel of Paleontologists, but gives it up to take Rachel to the hospital. Monica and Pete are about to stop seeing each other, but then they kiss... and Monica finally feels it.

Joey: He thinks with the goatee Chandler looks like Satan. He is still crying over Kate. While at home (crying over Kate) he watches a commercial about adopting a chick.

Chandler: He starts having a goatee (ringbeard). He and Joey are starting to fight over the chick (Chandler has to take care of it most of the time and thinks Joey should stay at home with them). So maybe they weren't ready for a chick. Chandler takes it back to the shelter, but if no one else adopts it, they will have to kill it. So he takes the chick home again and aparantly a duck too.

Ross: He's going to be on TV. They are putting together a panel to talk about the fossils in Peru and the Discovery Channel is going to film it, but when he has to leave for it, it appears Rachel needs him to go to the hospital so he cancelled it.

Rachel: Rachel hurt her side, but it's only after a while she decides to go to the hospital. She asks Ross to help her to get ready for going to her boss's house there are a lot of people there she has to meet. But it hurts too much so she goes to the hospital with Ross on her side instead.

Monica: Phoebe had the idea of the personel skating through the dinner Moondance, put it in the idea box and now Monica has to learn skating. She falls on Rachel.
She's happy to see Pete again. He has bought a restaurant and he wants Monica to be the head-chef. But she can't accept it because he's doing it out of love. Even though it has been her dream since she had her first Easy-Bake Oven and wanted to open Easy Monica's Bakkery. She also couldn't accept a necklace from Stu Vincent in the 7th Grade. But apparantly he was her Health teacher. Still in the conversation of rejecting the joboffer she starts kissing Pete.

Phoebe: Nothing much happens to her.


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