Wednesday, May 30, 2018

New Storyline: Meet the Dreamer's - N021 Genderswapped

After years of not active playing (just creating and testing), I started to play again. But not with the Maxis' Pleasantview. But with the Genderswapped Uberhood by sushigal007 at Modthesims. The storylines of the families is still the same as the regular storylines so I'm not going to put that on my blog, but I'll tell their future storylines I have in mind. It appears I play a slightly different storyline because of the genderswap.
I also have put up a realistic economical and aging system which requires some Essential Mods which can be found here:

On my blog I'll introduce you to the Genderswapped Pleasantview families I play with. I just play with about 10 families. I think that's more than enough when you know adulthood alone is in my realistic aging system 552 days.

Meet the Dreamer's
Diara is doing very well in school and started the job Law (teen) on the side as that is what she wants to study at University. Lucifer is her boyfriend and it's going really well. She has a good influence on him. He goes to ASO Economics-Math (teen career from The School Project) and has really high hopes they can go to University together.

Darell just loves painting. She hopes one day she can make a living from just selling paintings, but for the moment she still needs a job too. So she is TS4 Entertainer - Comedian (Conversion 4t2).
She and Caspian Goth have had some chemistry between them for some time, but then Caspian was left at the altar and Mallory Landgraab was the first to swoop in. Mallory is rich herself so she probably doesn't care for Caspian's inheritance, or does she?
Anyway Darrell went on with her life and met Brandon Broke. Both are single parents so they have something in common.
Diara supports their relationship a lot because she wants to stay in the house and live there with Angel, Lucifer and Dusty.

Will Brandon and Darrell like Diara's idea to live together with the kids and let the teens live apart from them?
Will the relationship between Darrell and Brandon work out as Darrell has still a bit of feelings left for Caspian and Brandon is still not over his wife's death being busy raising his 3 children?

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