Monday, May 28, 2018

New Idea: Friends - The One With Ross's Thing - S3E23

In general the idea is to give you one episode per blogpost. In every blogpost I'll shortly describe what happens with the six main characters of Friends in that certain episode. SPOILER
You can then play this in the game as you wish.
The blogpost about the personality, family tree,... of the six main characters in general is found here:

General happenings season 3:
Season three takes on a significantly greater serialized format. Rachel begins working at Bloomingdale's, an upscale department store chain, and Ross becomes jealous of her colleague, Mark. Rachel decides to take a break; and Ross, hurt and drunk, sleeps with someone else, causing Rachel to break up with him. In the meantime, Chandler has a hard time dealing with their breakup because it reminds him of his parents' divorce. After believing she has no family except her twin sister Ursula (Lisa Kudrow), Phoebe becomes acquainted with her half-brother (Giovanni Ribisi) and birth mother (Teri Garr). Joey develops a relationship with his acting partner Kate (Dina Meyer), and Monica begins a relationship with millionaire Pete Becker (Jon Favreau) which ends because of disagreements between the two.

The One With Ross's Thing - S3E23
Ross finds a growth on his body but can't tell what it is; neither can anyone else. He visits his doctor, Chandler's doctor, and Phoebe's guru. Phoebe dates two guys: Vince, a burly fireman, and Jason, a sensitive teacher. She tries but can't decide which one to break up with. Pete is out of town and tells Monica, "We need to talk," which gets her worried. The gang goes with Monica to Pete's place see how a millionaire lives; Joey finds a stub for a $50,000 check to a ring designer; Rachel begins to plan Monica's wedding.

Joey: Nothing much happens to him.

Chandler: Nothing much happens to him.

Ross: He has a thing on his body but he can't see it. He talks about it to the boys only at first. He goes to his doctor who is reluctant to remove it as he can't identify it. It's benine and skinlike, but he doesn't know what it is. He goes to Chandler's doctor who calls in 15 other doctors to look at the thing.
Then he goes to Phoebe's guru, Saj. He removes the thing.

Rachel: She's totally excited about Monica getting married to Pete.

Monica: Pete is out of town. She got a voicemail message that they need to talk so she thinks he wants to break up with her. When she goes water his plants she finds out he payed $50,000 to a ring designer and Rachel already thinks she's getting married. But he wants to be the Ultimate Fighting Champion.

Phoebe: She's dating Vince. He's a fireman. He can't have jokes about playing with fire and is very strict about fireprevention. At the same time she's dating a kindergarten teacher, Jason. He is really sensitive. She is constantly scared they find out about eachother. She knows she has to choose. She decides to choose Jason, but she finds out Vince is also really sensitive and Jason is also really strong and handsome. She's playing in Central Perk when both guys are there to see her sing. Jason breaks up with her because she already slept with Vince and Vince breaks up with her because she has an open flame in a wooden area (candle light dinner for Jason).


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